Can cat lice spread to humans? How to treat cat lice at home

Can cat lice spread to humans?  How to treat cat lice at home

Lice are highly parasitic animals on the body of dogs and cats. They live on the host’s blood and are very difficult to kill. So, can lice on dogs and cats be transmitted to humans? How to treat cat lice effectively up to 100% at home. Let’s find out together.

cat lice damage

Cat lice often appear on the cat’s body in the wet season, when development conditions are most favorable. They suck the blood of cats to survive. Their bites are small but cause your cat a lot of discomfort and potentially pose a great risk of infection.

Ticks, lice or other parasitic animals on the body of dogs and cats when sucking blood will leave wounds, creating conditions for bacteria and viruses to enter, causing infection, contagion and transmission of infectious diseases.

Also, lice infestation. Parasites in the cat’s body also cause anemia or nutritional diseases that affect the feline’s health. They are anorexic, pale and lose weight quickly if not treated in time.

Can lice be transmitted from cats to humans?Can lice be transmitted from cats to humans? internet photos

Cat lice always hide in the fur and move very fast, clinging very tightly, so when you see the unusual signs of cats on the fur, the hair is as shown below. You need to check and buy home treatment medicine for your cat.

The expression of cats when they have lice

It is not too difficult to detect a cat with lice. These signs are usually very easy to see if you pay attention and watch your cat daily.

  • Itching, rubbing and scratching more than usual are the first signs of lice. The bites are itchy in certain areas. When it is not possible to get rid of them by scratching, cats tend to sand their bodies against walls or objects in an attempt to alleviate the discomfort.
  • Appearance of white dandruff flakes in the itchy area attached to the cat’s skin. If you watch cats daily you will notice the difference in their fur when they are around. When not treated in time, cats can lose their skin and hair.
  • When you bathe your cat or clean its nails, you will find lice when you are digging through the cat’s fur. They are easy to spot.
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Can cat lice spread to humans?

Dog ticks or even dog lice can bite humans, but one important thing is that they are difficult to reproduce on the human body. According to many studies, lice, ticks… are specific species that dog lice like to live on the body of dogs. They can lay eggs in the human body.

Damage caused by cat lice Can lice be transmitted from cats to humans? Damage caused by cat lice. internet photos

They will try to return to the dense fur of cats and dogs to grow and develop. For them it is an extremely wonderful paradise. However, they can wait and hide in blankets and toddler play areas ready to bite you at a moment’s notice.

How to effectively treat cat lice at home

  • You can use a flea collar purchased at any pet store, in addition to the collar, there is also a diaper spray and bath oil to effectively support the lice treatment process. Lice Collars are an extremely effective pet specific tool.

In addition to modern methods, you can also use popular methods that are also very effective, such as:

  • Borax powder is known for its extremely effective bactericidal and disinfectant properties. You can use borax powder to effectively kill bugs when sprinkled on your carpet and vacuumed up again after 24 hours.
  • Apple cider vinegar mixed with water in a 1:2 ratio put in a spray bottle on the carpet will also achieve extremely high efficiency. Lice, fleas will quickly jump off the carpet area.
  • Camphor: Use 2-3 camphor tablets hidden under the cat’s resting area and sprinkle camphor powder on the cat’s fur and place it in a large yard. After about 15 to 30 minutes, the fleas and lice on the cat will jump out.
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How to prevent cat lice at home

  • Keep the cat’s living room clean, regularly wash and vacuum rugs, towels and clothes that cats wear regularly.
  • Bathe your cat with a special lice solution periodically. You can easily find these lotions and solutions at cat and dog stores or veterinary pharmacies.
  • Vacuum the house, often especially the area where the cat lives.
  • To avoid lice bites, it is best to keep small children away from sick cats and keep cats from coming into contact with human bedding to prevent them from colonizing and biting people.

How to prevent cat lice at homeHow to prevent cat lice at home. internet photos

Through this article, you can already answer the question: “Can lice be transmitted from cats to humans?”. You and your cat’s health are in your hands, so don’t be afraid to spend 20-25 minutes a day caring for your pet.