Buy Pug dog for 1 million VND

Buy Pug dog for 1 million VND

Buy Pug dog price 1 million. This is the price in the sky when you want to have a cute Pug. However, buying a cheap Pug dog has many unpredictable dangers.

Currently, the Pug dog is a breed that is widely bred in Vietnam. The advantage of this breed of dog is that it is easy to breed and easily adapts to environmental conditions due to its ancient origin from the friendly country of China. This breed is suitable for breeding in a home environment with a small area.

Considered a medium priced dog, but Pug dog price 1 million VND it’s really amazing. Below we will explain why Buy Pug dog for 1 million VND poses many risks.

What is the origin of the Pug dog?

Pug is a breed of dog that originated in China since ancient times. Over thousands of years of breeding, they quickly became a popular dog breed around the world. The Pug is even classified as a royal dog in the world of dogs.

pug with floppy faceDrop faced pug. internet photos

Not only that, this breed also became the main character of many famous European TV series. Vietnam is also a country with a large number of Pug breeders. However, the price of owning a Pug fluctuates quite a bit. However the Buy Pug dog for 1 million VND Purebred is not possible.

You can see more about the history of the development of the Pug breed >>> here

Is buying a Pug dog for 1 million real or not? Pug price in Vietnam

The number of Pug breeders in Vietnam is quite large, so the price of Pug dogs in Vietnam is cheaper than other breeds. However, whether the price of a Pug is expensive or cheap depends on the pedigree and the origin or characteristics of the dog.

  • The cheapest on the market is probably the Pug breed that was bred with lines of dogs., and Pugs of unknown origin. They are only for sale at a price of 3-4 million/child, even someone has delivered a Pug dog for 1 million, but when I came to see it with my own eyes, this Pug dog is a product of a non-pure Pug. and my dog. That’s why Pug dogs are priced at 1 million.
  • More dangerous are those of unknown origin for sale by owners for only 800-1 million. These may be the ones that are smuggled or stolen. When bringing a dog home, the owner has to deal with many unpredictable dangers, such as sick dogs, disabled dogs, lice, fleas, and disease carriers. Perhaps after a few days, they will die from not being vaccinated. On the other hand, the pathogen can infect all the dogs in your household. So be a smart dog shopper.
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Buying a Pug dog for 1 million is a lot of funBuying a Pug dog for 1 million is a lot of fun

  • Price range from 5.5 to 8 million VND: This is the common price for Vietnam-produced Pugs, most of which do not have VKA paper. Pugs are bred and raised in families or on farms, cared for and vaccinated before being released. Dogs priced at 8 million usually have good features that are used for breeding. Bitches will be more expensive than males from 500k to 2 million VND.
  • Pug dog price of 9-12 million VND: These are dogs with pedigree certificates, clear parentage, born in Vietnam. These dogs are used to make good stable breeding breeds. These dogs are often sold on farms, kennels.
  • >12 million: Pugs are imported from farms abroad, such as Thailand or Europe. Not much needs to be said about the quality of these dogs. Complete papers, clear origin, genealogy of 4 specific generations.

Purebred Pugs imported from Europe are even more expensive with prices > $1000. These dogs have clear pedigrees, full certifications, even chips. Excluding shipping charges, their prices are only suitable for Pug lovers and those wishing to breed breeding dogs on a farm scale.

Buying a pug for 1 million and the dangers behind itBuying a pug dog for 1 million and the risks behind it. internet photos

In the US there were times when Pug dogs were priced as high as $2,400/child with pedigrees and full papers and won high prizes in dog show competitions. Choosing to buy a Pug is really hard, isn’t it?

To avoid buying a poor quality Pug, you should ask the seller to provide parental photos and breeding photos of the mother dog for verification. Going to the place to buy a dog to see the breed is essential. When buying a dog, the seller usually guarantees a certain number of days, so it is advisable to consult and discuss the problem with the seller so as not to evade his responsibility.

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Besides, you should also prepare some knowledge like choosing a Pug, how to take care of a Pug or what to eat to help them in good health when they get home.

Some photos of Pug dogs born in Vietnam

The last image of the Pug dogs of the camp 2 pictures of pug dogs

cute pictures of pug dogs

internet photos

I hope you find your favorite Pug soon.