Bully dog ​​breed – Characteristics and sale price of Bully dogs in Vietnam

Bully dog ​​breed - Characteristics and sale price of Bully dogs in Vietnam

The Bulldog, also known as the American Bully, is a descendant of the Pit Bull dog. Bully was crossed between a Pitbull and an American Bull Dog to create a healthy dog ​​that inherited all the outstanding characteristics of his ancestors.

Bully is a descendant of Pitbull, but his nature is very gentle and approachable, friendly towards humans when properly trained and raised. Some individuals have fierce personalities, inheriting the characteristics of two famous battle dogs. Therefore, the Bully dog ​​is very strong with thick fur and strong teeth that make all animals wary. Although he has been bred and trained to be tame, the nature of this breed is difficult to fully correct.

The origin of the American bulldog

The Bully is a popular breed of dog owners in the US. They cost anywhere from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars depending on the parents, papers, and pedigree of the dog.

In this country, Bully dogs are highly valued. Even bully farming is recognized as an attractive business and is seriously engaged by many people.

In Vietnam, the Bully dog ​​breed is often bred spontaneously. Very few people keep dogs with a clear pedigree because their prices are so high, partly because owners have little experience raising spunky dogs like Bullies.

Bulldog Dog CharacteristicsCharacteristics of the Bulldog dog. internet photos

Despite being a popular breed in the United States, the Bully is still considered a Pitbull hybrid and has not been recognized by the FCI as an independent breed.

Some well-known organizations like AKC, ABKC or UKC have recognized them. Some will receive passes to live and attend dog shows in the US and areas that recognize them.

All information about the purebred Bully dog ​​breed is unofficial and unrecognized.

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Therefore, it will take a long time to refine and re-evaluate the Bully genome before it can be recognized by the consortium.

Bulldog Dog Characteristics

As a hybrid dog of different dog breeds, but mainly Bully, the dog inherits all the good characteristics of 2 main dog breeds, Pitbull and Stafford Terrier.

All of his father’s best traits appeared in Bully’s body. To achieve this success, Bully had to go through breeding technologies and selection of precious genetic resources.

  • American Bully is a breed of dog that was bred from two powerful lines of dogs, so the Bully inherits the personality and body characteristics of these two breeds. Muscular, strong and bunker. To raise Bully dogs well, owners must provide them with a disciplined diet and adhere to muscle exercises like tire biting, jogging… Their muscles are developed through a strict diet.

Bulldog Dog CharacteristicsCharacteristics of the Bulldog dog. internet photos

Bully dogs have a height of up to 20 inches, Bully’s special feature is probably his muscular class. Because he is a descendant of the Pitbull line of war dogs, the Bully dog ​​mentality is aggressive and aggressive towards other lines of dogs as well.

  • The Bully dog’s head is much larger than that of the Pitbull, they have a wide and deep forehead, a pronounced muzzle and ears located high on the head. Many dog ​​owners often crop Bully’s ears to make it more beautiful. His eyes are located below the forehead. The Bully’s jaws are strong and once bitten, it is very difficult to let go. Bully’s neck is retracted, hanging from the shoulder to the back of the skull. The shoulders are muscular, the back is short and slopes slightly towards the buttocks.
  • The Bully’s skeleton is strong, the ribs are close together, the large, short front legs tend to spread open to reveal a large, solid chest. The tail is short, low, not curled. The toes are not too big, but the gait is strong and powerful.
  • The coat is short, close to the skin, thick and smooth. They are usually brown, with a white nest cavity, a colored spot…
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bully dog ​​personality

This canine breed, despite having a pitiful body, is shy and meek, above all extremely loyal to its owner. Perhaps because they were bred through many lines, the fierce nature of the ancestors was outweighed by Bully’s incredible sweetness and kindness.

Part of the Bully dog’s personality is also due to the owner’s training environment and breeding regimen. Genetic technology has created a race that loves humans, especially children, and is extremely close.

bully dog ​​personalityBully dog ​​personality. internet photos

However, if you have raised a Bully, you should pay attention to contact with other dog breeds, especially of the same sex. If he is provoked and challenged, Bully is ready to attack the enemy.

They need to be exposed to people and the environment from an early age. List other breeds of dogs. Especially as a high energy dog, the Bully needs to be properly exercised at the right intensity to release excess energy from him.

Bully dog ​​price in Vietnam

Currently, although the Bully dog ​​is not as fashionable as before, the price of this breed in Vietnam is still relatively high when owning a dog costs up to 7.5 million VND. This price will increase if the children have good physical characteristics.

Dogs of clear origin, parents with papers, imported from Thailand, valued between 15 -20 million. 20-25 million with offspring imported from countries where the dog breeding industry is developed, such as the United States or European countries. Those imported for breeding often cost between 30 and 50 million.

Some videos about Bully dog ​​breed information in Vietnam