bull terrier

bull terrier

Bull Terrier, commonly known by its family name, the “troll”-faced dog is a breed of dog bred for fighting and protection purposes. Just look at his face, but he’s so fierce.

With a rather humorous face, the Bull Terrier quickly won the hearts of dog owners. However, not all are suitable for the care and training of this breed. Their personality is quite strong and their high survival instinct makes them a most dangerous breed.

The origin of the bull terrier

Bull Terrier FontBull Terrier Font

The Bull Terrier originated in England. Here they are bred from an English Bulldog and an English Terrier. With the purpose of creating a strong and healthy dog, the village hunting dogs. At the same time, they were also created to service the dog fighting competition that takes place annually around this time.

In fact, in the blood of the Bull Terrier, there is also a line of Spanish Pointer dogs. When 3 bloodlines converged and created the Bull Terrier dog breed today.

They are more agile, active, smaller, and have better attack abilities than their ancestors.

Once again, I would like to confirm that the Bull Terrier is not a Pit Bull dog as many people mistakenly believe.

They are related to each other. After many years of breeding and developing this breed, people have largely changed the aggressive and combative nature of the Bull Terrier and replaced it with a much more obedient and loyal dog than previous generations. Now they are raised more in families.

Bull Terrier appearance features

Originally bred from 3 muscular dog breeds, it’s no surprise that the Bull Terrier has a solid, muscular body. Strong, muscular shoulders quickly make it a fearsome predator in the world of dogs.

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Bull Terrier has a standard height of 50-53 cm, maximum weight up to 30 kg. The Miniture series is smaller with a maximum height of 30 cm and a maximum weight of 15 kg. Bull terriers have short, thick coats and their common coat colors are black, white, red, brown…

The tiny bead eyes look so sly and the flat head and long snout make them the subject of discussion and ridicule from the online community.

The most special feature is everything on top. Unlike other breeds, the forehead is flat and voluminous, which looks quite interesting.

The soft coat is easy to care for, making it suitable for dog owners who prefer clean conditions. The ears are held erect. They look quite like a flat funnel.

Bull Terrier Health

When cared for properly, a bull terrier can live up to 12 years. In general they do not have many diseases and are very healthy. Some common diseases such as skin allergies, parasitic diseases, deafness due to zinc deficiency… Something you should know about the Bull Terrier is obsessive behavior disease.

Characteristics of the Bull Terrier dogCharacteristics of the Bull Terrier dog

Bull Terrier owners may not be too familiar with this disease anymore. The sign of the disease is that they circle and bite their tails. Always eat what you see, and be aggressive in many cases. This is a disease associated with the name of this breed.

Bull Terrier Breed Personality Traits

The Bull Terrier is one of the many ferocious dog breeds that used to be used in dog fighting in the past, but now after the breeding process, they are trained to become more intelligent and friendly.

The personality trait of this breed is loyalty and absolute protection for the owner.

They are brave, playful and playful. This can be easily noticed when you come home from a tiring day at work, they will turn and mock you.

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A note when raising BULL TERRIER

  • The Bull Terrier does not like people to make fun of him. Also, his stubborn nature and his obsessive illness make them very irritable. Therefore, when you have small children at home, it is best to limit their contact with the Bull Terrier. Or let your children interact with Bull dogs from the moment they are born or in their new home from 2-3 months of age.
  • When raising a Bull Terrier, you should also be closer to them because leaving them alone at home makes the dog’s psychological development not good. They become easily obsessed and become more aggressive.
  • Bull terriers also do not like the presence of other animals in their habitat, especially of the same sex. So if you have cats or other animals at home, let them interact with each other from a young age.

Bull Terrier Training

Bull Terrier dogs can be raised in a small apartment environment, but they need time to get outside for exercise, even intense physical exercise to build muscles.

When leaving, the owner needs CHEAP for dogs to avoid the dangers they pose to other breeds.

They can play all day to expend excess energy, so you should let them exercise at least 4-5 times a day.

With a strong personality and an aggressive nature, the owner must also be a persistent and strict person. If you are not strict and disciplined, you can work very hard and even endanger society.

What is the price of a Bull Terrier?

Currently, the price of the Bull Terrier is quite high in Vietnam. A baby born in Vietnam has a price ranging between 10 and 15 million. The females are more expensive than the males.

Bull Terrier dog price in VietnamBull Terrier price in Vietnam. internet photos

Bull Terriers imported from countries around the world cost thousands of dollars. However, not everyone can care for and train this breed, so consider before bringing your dog home.