Bull Terrier – Cutest Single-Eye Bull Terrier on Earth

Chó sục bò Bull Terrier

bull terrier has a very cute face and eyes. With an oblong, egg-shaped head with a recognizable double eyelid. If anyone knows Trang Hi, I don’t understand why I feel quite similar to this girl. Of course, this is just a fun comparison and here is the information related to this breed.

Origin of the Bull Terrier

This is a breed of dog originating in England that was bred by breeder James Hinks in the 186x. At that time, it was believed that the origin of this line of dogs came from many different lines of dogs and gave rise to the one eyelid cow terrier as it is today. They are actually the result of a cross between an extinct Bulldog and a Terrier.

bull terrierbull terrier

The close relative of this Bully dog ​​breed is the classic killer Pitbull with countless bites and accidents in the press. So this bull terrier also has the same qualities as the pit bull, so those who want to adopt him must be careful.

To supplement your knowledge, foreign breeders often breed animals to create new bloodlines. Not only dogs and cats but also chickens, ducks, trees. All information is carefully recorded to assess performance. If you still play fighting roosters, you surely can’t help but know the lines of Hatch, Kelso, Whitehead chickens…

Of course, there is still a lot of other information such as the breeding process, origin and types of ostriches. However, this information is already on wikipedia, I do not repeat it. Those new to this line only need to enter a few key pieces of information. If you want to know more go to wikipedia cow terrier, everyone.

bull terrier bull terrier

It is easy to recognize at a glance due to the special body features in the face and eyes. This kindness can conquer every customer when seen. However, customers will be easily fooled by their high prices.


Big and beefy with a terrible muscular system. They are also ranked as the most muscular dog bloodlines in the world. This is why they are used for ornamental purposes, to fight dogs or to breed livestock and hold houses.

The bull terrier has fairly muscular muscles.The bull terrier has fairly muscular muscles.

weight size

Of a fairly large stature when they can reach 45-55cm, their weight is also quite significant. According to the assessment, the male individual can reach a weight of 25 to 38 kg. If we compare them to Phu Quoc dogs, they are almost twice as big and if they are Chihuahua dogs, they are almost 6 times bigger. This one, if it bites its teeth, you just have to practice determining it’s right.

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If you are worried about the size and weight being too large, refer to the range of mini Bull Terriers when their weight is only around 11-15 kg and they are only 25-33 cm tall. With this size, it does not cause a sense of fear for the caregivers as well as for the guests who come into the house.

face head

With an oblong face, it looks quite like an egg with peculiar curves. The muzzle is long, but unlike most dogs. The most important is the small eyes, 1 eyelid looks quite cute. This outstanding feature is one of the reasons customers love and buy this bull terrier.

Characteristics of the bull terrier.Characteristics of the bull terrier.

Hair color

In the past, purebred dogs had short, smooth, white coats. However, after many breeding processes, they now appear black and white speckled feathers. It is also almost the common color of bull terriers today. There are also other coat colors such as black, red, gray, brown or tricolor.


Compared to other dog breeds, Bull Terrier dogs only live 10 to 12 years. Around this age, it is easy to contract age-related diseases such as hearing loss in one ear, or biting your tail or not eating. Also, white dogs often suffer more from these diseases than other breeds. Therefore, if you want to find a pet, you need to do extensive research.

Personality of the Bull Terrier dog

Possess a pretty cute face but also need to be wary of it. Remember that they are used to herd cattle, fighting dogs and are related to pit bulls. Why they were used for such a purpose, there must be reasons of their own: ferocity, fighting qualities and sharp teeth.

Mother and child Bull Terrier dog family.Mother and child Bull Terrier dog family.

If kept in captivity under normal conditions, they are quite friendly and gentle. However, that doesn’t mean we lose our guard while they still have their watchdog instincts. When they realize that their owners are in danger, they are also ready to protect their owners. In particular, they dislike or are very friendly with other pets, especially cats. If you want to keep these two types, you have to be careful.

The best kept in captivity should be careful with strangers and children. If you’ve been a companion dog from a young age, you may feel a little more secure. But if you have an adult dog, always pay attention to its muzzle every time you go out.

Is it difficult to raise a Bull terrier?

This breed is different from Western breeds in Vietnam, which is well adapted to the hot and humid climate of our country. If other types of Western dogs have poor heat tolerance, this line may be perfectly acceptable. Of course, the heat in our country scares the natives even more, not to mention the Western dog. Therefore, when breeding, pay attention to temperature conditions to ensure their best adaptability.

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The bull terrier is quite easy to breed, so you can be confident in breeding him.The bull terrier is quite easy to breed, so you can be confident in breeding him.

The food problem is even simpler. For western dog lines, the best food will be grain foods. In the west they all quickly give food mixed with milk, but they don’t cook rice and porridge for dogs like me. Farmers can consider choosing between these two types of feed. To accompany it is to add more vegetables to increase vitamins and fibers for the dog to develop in the best way.

Do British Bull Terriers moult?

All dogs shed and are basically more or less. When looking for a bull terrier, they have short, hard, and smooth hair, so nightmares about dog hair don’t come across. Shedding once or twice a year should pay attention to the shedding point to spread the coat to facilitate hygiene. Avoid the case of dog hair scattered all over the place.

If you don’t have time, you can go to the spa dedicated to cats and dogs. Here they are trimmed, bathed and trimmed for dog nails. You can check their health status. The price is not too high, only about 200,000-500,000/times.

How much does a bull terrier cost?

Do you know why this dog breed in Vietnam is not so important and few people keep it? Simply because their price is quite high compared to the middle ground of pet dog lines. The usual price for a child is around 15-20 bottles. Not to mention that if imported from the UK with standard FCI documents, the price is even higher. Along with that, this line has almost no hybrid dogs, so the price is quite stable.

Food for bull terriers is quite simple like for other companion dogs.Food for bull terriers is quite simple like for other companion dogs.

The cheapest prices include dogs imported from Tung Cua or Thailand. The price is just a little lighter, but not cheap. For the same price, you can buy a few other dogs that are more comfortable and easier to train like poodle, pug or bulldog, chihuahua.

Where to buy a bull terrier?

If you want to buy a Bull Terrier, you definitely need to find a reputable store. They are not guaranteed to supply the correct dogs from Europe, but it is safer than buying from Facebook or a cheap one. Particularly cheap, buyers should beware as there are plenty of scams here. Dog dealers have enough tricks to fool buyers.

Go to groups specializing in buying and selling dogs to choose your favorite dogs. When looking to buy, please bring your budget. Prepare about 5-8 or more tubers to work with.

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