Boxing dog | boxer dog

Boxing dog |  boxer dog

The boxer dog, also known by another name, the boxer dog, is one of the many unknown breeds of dogs in our country that were bred to guard homes and as fighting dogs in the late 19th century.

The Boxer dog or Boxer dog is a breed of fighting dog native to Europe that is the result of crossing with Bun dogs. The reason why this breed of dog is called like that is because of the fact that it likes to use its front legs which makes people think of boxers, not only that, this cute name is also explained by the fact that they have rings. white on the feet like the boxer’s boxing gloves.

Origin of the boxer dog, boxer dog

The Boxer dog was bred between two rather combative dog breeds, the Bullenbeisser German Mastiff and the English Bulldog. Both are the #1 ferocious hunting and fighting dogs in the world. Perhaps that is why the Boxer dog inherited many of the qualities of its ancestors.

They are strong, combative and very agile. Countless crosses and breedings were necessary for this breed to have the characteristics it has today.

Earlier since the early years of the 19th century, the Boxer breed was bred to compete thanks to the characteristics of standing on its hind legs.

In addition, Boxer dogs are also bred for circus performances in many large circuses. Thanks to his quickness, loyalty, and ability to imitate, he quickly won the hearts of many dog ​​owners at the time.

Today, boxer dogs are bred a lot to train, protect, save people… And mostly popular in the US, this breed is present in Vietnam, but in rather modest numbers.

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They were imported into our country 8-9 years ago along with the Pitbull fever at that time. It wasn’t until 1935 that the first Boxer association was formed and set the standards for a purebred Boxer dog.

2. Characteristics of boxer dogs, Boxer dogs

Boxer Dog CharacteristicsCharacteristics of the Boxer dog, Boxer dog. internet photos

Like boxers, Boxer dogs are well suited for competitions. They are agile, hyperactive and a bit stubborn. Breeding Boxer dogs from a young age is the best way to train them.

Boxers are classified as human-friendly dogs, especially children. They are one of the very loyal, persistent and protective dog breeds.

Boxer dogs are bred from 2 fighting dogs, but the body part is better than their ancestors. Sleek body with solid muscles, silky hair…

They have an average height of 56-63 cm, bitches are 53-61 cm tall. In adulthood, their weight can reach 32 kg, especially bitches weighing 29 kg.

Boxer dogs have strong muscles, not many drooping wrinkles but Bulldog, their body is somewhat stocky and square. Especially the front legs are very straight and parallel to each other. With proper care, their lifespan can reach 15 years.

They are prone to diseases including: heart disease, blood diseases caused by miscegenation and poor eyesight, white boxers have a high probability of deafness, moreover, some of them also have quite notorious vices. Love is snoring.

Standard Boxer Dog Characteristics

To get a standard boxer, they will have their tails docked and ears cropped when they are young, around 6 weeks old. Another strict standard for a purebred Boxer is to have a head in reasonable proportion to the body, without excess fat and wrinkles, flab. Its lower jaw slightly protrudes from the upper jaw, the edges curving upwards.

When they close their mouths, their teeth and tongue should not be exposed; Boxer has a large black nose and it is turned up to clearly reveal the nostrils. His eyes are dark and majestic.

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4. Calculation

Boxer dogs are intelligent, they are very happy and they love to play, sometimes a little hyperactive, curious. Very fast learning is a characteristic of this breed, so it is advisable to raise a Boxer from a young age so that it is easy to train.

In addition, they are stubborn and with personality, so they require a lot of care from their owners.

Boxers are always loyal and loving to their owners, they always find a common voice with children. With proper training at a young age, Boxers can get along with other dogs and pets.

A pretty good Boxer dog personality trait is the use of its front legs to play with food. Also, they love to snack and carry things around the house.

Boxer dog personality, boxer dogBoxer dog personality, Boxer dog. internet photos

Boxer dogs are very intelligent, clearly distinguishing family members and customers when they come to play.

They do not like confined spaces and love to run in gardens and other large areas. When choosing a Boxer as a pet, you should spend 30 minutes daily outside and exercising.

Boxers have a short, soft coat that is easy to care for, just bathe them regularly to remove oil from their skin, as they are quite active every day. Boxers are very clean and often lick their own fur like cats, and shed less hair as well.

Boxer dog price in Vietnam

Currently, the price of Boxer dogs in Vietnam is at an average level. To be able to have a Boxer dog, you only need to spend between 5 and 8 million.

Dogs imported from Thailand have a higher price of 9 to 15 million depending on their body characteristics. And like many other dog breeds, Boxer dogs imported from Europe are used to breed dogs for thousands of dollars without shipping.

I hope the article can help boxer lovers to have more useful knowledge! I wish you always have fun with the “handkerchief”!