Border Collie – The King of Intelligence


The Border Collie or Border Collie is a famous British Sheepdog, ranked at the top of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world.

Border Collies are known to be extremely loyal herding dogs, it’s no coincidence that people call them the smartest dog in the world. Border Collies can herd alone in a large field, absorbing and learning very quickly, especially when the owner is good at training.

Although the Border Collie is more commonly kept indoors these days, the breed’s intelligence and aggressiveness have never been lost. In an elevated environment, Border Collies adapt easily and obey their owners’ commands. They can play and become an indispensable friend for the children of the house. With trained owners, the Collie can do much more.

Border Collie breed characteristicsCharacteristics of the Border Collie breed. internet photos

In the major cattle breeding areas of the world, especially England and Scotland, Border Collies are considered invaluable assets because the number of livestock here is 4-5 times the number of people living in the area.

Therefore, to manage all their livestock, people here have to rely on the intelligence and dynamism of the Collie. Later, the Border Collie was widely bred and developed in the Americas, especially in the United States. And of course with its gifted intelligence, the Border Collie quickly became a pet and an indispensable companion to Americans on the hunt.

Currently, Border Collie dogs are bred in many other countries, including Vietnam, are trained and do professional work for the armed forces. However, this breed is most often used to help the disabled in foreign countries.

Characteristics of the Collie breed.

A Border Collie is medium in size, they are not as big as other breeds. Height from 45-55cm weight from 15-22 kg. The body is elegant and flexible, flexible to serve physical activities.

  • The Border Collie has a large head, long muzzle, and sharp eyes, with wide, floppy ears. In many cases, some Collies have erect ears, there is currently no standard for testing the ears of purebred Border Collie dogs. Crop or erect are recognized as purebred by the association.
  • Eyes: Border Collies are oval brown in color, set far apart. Currently, Collie has 3 eye colors which are brown, blue and Merles…
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border collie dog eyesBorder collie dog eyes. internet photos

  • The legs are strong, the hind legs tend to lean forward, the long tail is lowered.
  • Border Collie is similar to Husky dog, both have thick coat with various colors, but mainly the color of Border Collie in Vietnam is black – white or brownish white… The hair on the neck and the mane is very long and the rest is short .que The diverse coat color and intelligence have helped Collie win the hearts of thousands of dog lovers in Vietnam since the moment he appeared.

Border Collie Dog Personality

The Border Collie is an active and intelligent dog. They are curious and very quick to absorb the commands of their owners.

As a very shy dog, when raising BC you need to let him get used to the environment around him. With just simple instructions and good training from an early age, the Border Collie will be very agile and obedient as an adult. Most Dog Show competitions around the world have this breed attending and winning great prizes.

With their dynamic and energetic nature, they absorb and integrate into the living environment very quickly, Border Collies can learn to play human sports, in many videos online there are BCs who can hit the muzzle ball, catch a flying saucer and run about obstacles.

Intelligence makes them learn very quickly. In fact, he is the king of intelligence in the world of dogs.

Border Collie Dog PersonalityBorder Collie dog personality. internet photos

Some Border Collies are also used to help the elderly and disabled in some countries. They are very good and friendly with the elderly.

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How much does it cost to buy a Border Collie dog?

The price of BC dogs ranges from 7 to 30 million VND/child depending on the origin and pedigree of the Border Collie dog. Pedigreed dogs with full papers usually cost >20 million.

Imported dogs are always more expensive than domestic breed dogs. Dog imports into Vietnam come mainly from China and Thailand.

It is quite difficult for dogs to enter Europe because the transportation process and the geographical distance mean that they are not strong anymore. This drives the price of imported Border Collies up several thousand dollars or even more.

border collie breedborder collie breed

The price of Border Collie dogs in Vietnam is currently quite high, popular 7-10 million per child, those with full pedigree and registration are 14-18 million, but not much for sale.

The purebred collie in Vietnam currently comes mainly from two sources, domesticated and imported from China. For children born in the country, most of their parents or grandparents are also of Chinese origin.