Bichon Frize dog breed and things you don’t know

Bichon Frize dog breed and things you don't know

The Bichon Frize is not well known in Vietnam, it is a small French duck hunting dog that appears a lot in the swamps and is bred for hunting and ornamental purposes.

The origin of the bichon frize

The Bichon Frize is known as a duck hunting dog that was widely bred in France, but was actually found in 14th century Spain.

Bred between the Spanish Bearded and the Poodle for a better and healthier hunting generation. From the fifteenth century they were brought to Italy and widely bred among the upper classes of this country. Due to the war, the Bichon Frize was brought to France and replicated.

Here, with small stature and cute fur, bichon dogs quickly won the hearts of dog lovers and were ranked as aristocrats in this country.

More are bred, more dog camps are opened, making them more and more popular in these countries.

Experiencing many ups and downs, with the development of imported pet breeds, Bichon dogs are no longer able to maintain their number 1 position. They are on the verge of extinction, however, with much effort from dog owners and enthusiasts. Bichon Frize breed. They quickly recovered and quickly grew back.

Characteristics of the bichon frize dog

Regarding the characteristics of the Bichon Dogs, there is not much difference with the Poodle dogs, the only thing to recognize in the Bichon is the curly white fur, while the Poodle has many different colors such as brown, black, cream…

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Characteristics of the bichon frize dogCharacteristics of the B.Frise dog. internet photos

The purebred bichon is a white dog with a full body coat, weighing up to 6kg and standing 20-30cm tall. They have short necks and adorable ears that are flat on the cheeks.

Compared to Poodles, their tails are much longer, curling up behind their backs. Black nose and large, round, black eyes. The Bichon’s coat is strong and does not shed too much.

To distinguish a purebred pup, people rely on the first coat, then the size of the body and the balance of each part.

No other coat color is accepted. Or the color of the hair around the base of the eyes, muzzle and other parts should only make up 10% of the body.

Although they are descended from poodles, bichon dogs are not as intelligent as their ancestors. They are not considered intelligent dogs in the canine world.

Bichon Frize Dog Personality

Since the Bichon’s ancestors are Poodles, they inherit all the characteristics of the Poodle breed. They are cheerful, sociable, friendly with people and other animals, with small children they are extremely affectionate companions. In particular, Bichon dogs are also very loyal and active.

Bichon Frize Dog PersonalityThe personality of the dog B.Frise/ Photo Internet

You must train them from a young age to create a good habit for your dog when he grows up.

How much does a Bichon Frize dog cost in Vietnam?

Currently in Vietnam very few people know the Bichon breed but they only know the Poodle. The price of these two breeds is also similar. A bichon child costs between 5 and 9 million depending on the characteristics and sex of the baby. But the bitch is always more expensive than the male.

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As mentioned above, this breed is not bred as much as a poodle, so before buying a bichon, you should find out the origin and parents of the dog to avoid buying dogs of unknown origin or disease.

Some funny videos about Bichon dogs ^^!

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