Bac Ha Dog – Vietnamese National Dog

Bac Ha Dog - Vietnamese National Dog

The Bac Ha dog is known as one of the four great national dogs of Vietnam along with Phu Quoc, H’mong, and the Indochinese dingo.

Each breed of dog has a different distinguishing feature, but they are all dogs with the identity of our nation since ancient times. Although the breeds of companion dogs in Vietnam are becoming more and more diverse, these four breeds are always considered the treasures of our country.

In this article, Blog love dogs and cats I will introduce you to the Bac Ha dog breed – one of the many famous dog breeds in Vietnam that is hunted by many dog ​​lovers today.


According to the Wikipedia article, the Grass dog Bac Ha is one of the oldest dog breeds in our country associated with a long life and culture. They are called by people with another name, Poodles…. This breed of dog comes from Lao Cai and was bred to hunt and protect family and livestock, just like the Mong Coc dog. Many ethnic groups also use Bac Ha to go into the forest to warn of danger.

The truth is that no one can know clearly about the origin of the BH dog in Vietnam. According to different opinions, they have ancestors in China, the same ancestry as the Chow Chow breed. However, no one can confirm that this is the origin of the Bac Ha dog in Vietnam.

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Bac Ha dog is not too big but very healthy. They are agile, so people here use them for hunting. They move quickly even in difficult terrain, this is a characteristic that makes Bac Ha dogs loved by the H’Mong ethnic group.

Characteristics of the Bac Ha dogCharacteristics of BH dogs. internet photos

The height of the Bac Ha dog can grow up to 60 cm. Long hair and mane like a lion. Its eyes are medium and its ears are erect, its skull is broad and the bridge of its nose is straight and conical. The front legs are parallel to each other, balanced and muscular.

– The fluffy, curly tail curls up on the back or hangs down to the feet.

– The neck hair is thick and forms a separate mane

– The coat has many different colors like yellow, brindle, gray…

Fast moving speed, stout legs help them easily climb on rough terrain.


This breed is a faithful companion of the mountaineers here. They accompany each of their walks through the jungle. Protects against wild animals and signals danger to owners. Also, Bac Ha’s dogs are very good at hunting, so many people choose to go into the forest.

They are intelligent, energetic, quick to respond, and very easy to train. In particular, they are absolutely loyal and obey their master’s orders.

With young children: They are quite friendly and get along well with family members, but with strangers they are quite wary, often signaling when there is an unusual intrusion. The Bac Ha dog’s nerve is stable, not as aggressive as fighting dogs.

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They can also be trained to be very good service dogs thanks to their instincts and intelligence. Bac Ha dogs are also quite easy to raise, so you can easily care for and nourish them with daily food.

Bac Ha dog priceBH dog price. internet photos

Currently, this breed is still cared for and raised by indigenous people in Lao Cai. In particular, they are sold a lot in the highland markets during Tet. The scene is extremely lively and fun. If you are passionate about this breed, you can go to these markets to buy and care for dogs.

The price of the Bac Ha dog today

Compared to current foreign dog breeds, Bac Ha dogs are average in price. To own a beautiful Bac Ha dog, you only need to spend 2-2.5 million. These are quite beautiful babies with outstanding features of this breed. These puppies are sold by Bac Ha Dog Farms in Vietnam with full vaccination certificates.

Hybrid dogs only start at 500k. You can buy these babies at the highland market. Here people exchange and trade with each other very lively. However, the disadvantage of the puppies purchased here is that there are no vaccination documents. So you should consider before buying.

Although more and more new breeds of dogs have been introduced into our country, the Bac Ha, Phu Quoc, Mong Coc and Indochinese Lai Dingo dogs still have the distinctive features of the Vietnamese. They will never be replaced and will always have a place in the hearts of dog lovers in Vietnam.