Ashera cat – the most expensive breed of cat on the planet with a value of several billion dong

Ashera cat - the most expensive breed of cat on the planet with a value of several billion dong

The Ashera cat is one of the rarest and most expensive cat breeds on the planet today. Ashera cat has a record price in the world today up to $100,000.

Ashera is a breed of cat with a distinctive tiger-like coat. Known as the tallest breed of domestic cat in the world. They have many outstanding features and command sky-high prices that not everyone can buy. This is a breed of cat that often appears in wealthy families, aristocratic classes, and giants in Dubai.

The origin of the Ashera cat

The Ashera cat is an artificial cat breed created by humans in a laboratory. Specifically, they were bred by the Lifestyle Pets company in San Diego, USA. A team of scientists has successfully researched and bred Ashera from 3 special breeds of cats in the world: African wild cat, Asian leopard, and domestic cat. It can be said that this is an extremely rare and beautiful breed of cat.

The origin of the Ashera catOrigin of the Ashera cat. internet photos

Each year, this company breeds fewer than 100 of these cats, so they are often very rare and extremely expensive. Some have been bought for 100,000 USD. This price goes from USD 22,000 onwards. So not everyone can have an Ashera cat, except an upper class like Dubai city bosses.

It can be said that the Ashera cat is even more expensive than some wild cat breeds classified as extremely rare such as the Pallas cat…

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Characteristics of the Ashera cat

Ashera is one of many cat breeds with distinctive coats and large, strong bodies. They have a huge height of up to 1m. Compared to other domestic cats, it is an exceptional height. Ashera’s paws are strong and stocky, making cat owners fall in love with them at first sight.

If kept in the best conditions, an Ashera cat can weigh almost 15 kg. However, they are still very agile. However, the special thing about this breed of cats lies in its tabby fur. The stripe on the fur resembles a leopard in the wild. Perhaps the crossbreeding of leopards and Asian wildcats made their coats so special.

The Ashera’s coat is similar to that of the Bengal cat breed, but the color is lighter and the distance between the bristles is much smaller.

Characteristics of the Ashera catCharacteristics of the Ashera cat. internet photos

Ashera’s Cat Personality

The Ashera cat is an intelligent and friendly breed of cat. Although they are wild breeders, they are very approachable and completely loyal to their owners. Perhaps that is why many aristocrats chose them as pets and considered them a close member of the family.

Although considered a noble cat breed, the Ashera cat does not appear to be “chic” compared to other cats. They are even smart, agile and close to family members.

Ashera cat care

This breed of cat, although chosen by many aristocrats as a pet, is very easy to eat. No need for beef, no need to paint oysters. Like other cats, they love to eat dry foods that are sold in supermarkets or pet stores. Sometimes you can also feed them other foods like chicken, fish, etc.

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How to care for the Ashera cat?How to care for the cat Ashera. internet photo

Due to its special coat, the Ashera cat needs daily care and grooming. You can use specialized cat shampoos to clean their fur. After bathing, clean your ears, eyes, and fingernails as usual.

Currently, there is not much information about the specific Ashera cat breed, such as detailed care, common diseases… because this is a rare cat breed and not everyone owns them, so the knowledge about Ashera only stops at the level half.

$22,000 – $100,000 is the price that a person who wants to own this cat has to pay for the LP company in the United States. Perhaps, they also want to create a shortage in the market, so they don’t want to over-breed this breed of cat. An average year, Lifestyle Pets only sells 100 Ashera cats worldwide.

You can also see the rarity of this breed of cat, right?

Maybe in the not too distant future I will be able to buy an Ashera cat :).