Arhat Fish | Characteristics, price, last care.

The arhat fish is probably a household name for those of you who love ornamental fish in Vietnam. They are very valuable in terms of feng shui, for which many people are interested and sought after. Let’s find out with us

Since ancient times, people have thought that arhat fish bring fortune to the owner by caring and nurturing the family. That’s why the movement Arhat Fish Care they emerge quickly even though they are more expensive than other ornamental fish.

Origin of the Arhat fish

According to the introduction of the Wikipedia website, and the Blogyeuhomeo Arhat fish collection, it is a breed of fish born after the breeding process of aquarists. They are not fish in nature.

Arhat fish. Gather

Arhat was bred from Blackfish and Red-throated Tilapia species. The first fish appeared in Malaysia and quickly spread throughout the world. Perhaps due to its special characteristics and spiritual characteristics, this breed of fish became popular after a short time.

Asian countries immediately received this line of fish very quickly and they have been developed in Vietnam since 2004.

Arhat Fish Characteristics

On sale, arhat fish They are fish that were born by crossbreeding but their health is very good. With good nutrition and a favorable environment, fish can live up to 10 years.

The fish has a beautiful extended tail, small eyes and short gills. Adult fish measure between 25 and 30 cm. This fish is characterized by curiosity, which is why it usually destroys plants or ornaments in the lake. Therefore, a slippery lake is the choice for breeding this fish.

Characteristics of the Arhat fish. Gather

The concept that the Arhat fish brings a lot of luck and fortune to the family, so this breed of fish is always very worried. A special feature of this fish is the protruding humpbacked head that makes them special. For many years, this remains the highest priced and most interesting fish in Vietnam.

Popular Types of Arhat Fish in Vietnam

Arhat fish has 4 main lines which are bred the most in Vietnam and are also considered to be high priced fish lines.

King Kamfa

Another name is Kim Hoa fish. Imported abroad, this fish has the highest price among the Arhat species. This strain was bred in Thailand. King Kamfa’s fierce face, drooping tail, and pearls had large threads attached to them.

King Kamfa fish. Gather

The main characteristic of this aquarium line is that the male fish cannot reproduce, so the female has to cross with other lines to continue maintaining her breed.

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Diamond Arhat Lineage

Another name is Phuc Loc Tho, this line of fish is crossed from the male Chau Kim Cuong and the female Blue Dragon. They have inscriptions along the body, the head protrudes forward. Red eyes and pale yellow face.

Arhat Diamond. Gather

Regarding the hotness of the Arhat fish, there is no need to argue, they have never been hot on the market. The price of this line of fish is always high, from 600 to several million dong.

Hybrid King Line

The hybrid King line is arhat fish line hybrid of Kamfa and Diamond. They are bred from 2 beautiful lines of fish, so they inherit many interesting off-body characteristics.

King Lai Line. Gather

red thai arhats

The main color of this line of fish is mainly bright red, the small body contains many bright pearls. The wide caudal fin creates a dancing sensation when swimming. This is a line of fish that is loved by many people because of its beautiful and striking appearance.

King Lai Line. Gather

In addition to the above 4 fish lines, Arhat also has many other ornamental fish lines with equally luxurious body features, such as Fire Phoenix, Hoa Arhat, Kim Binh fruit… Each fish line has a very attractive feature.

Minh will present details about these lines of Arhat fish in the following articles.

Arhat fish price in Vietnam

The price of fish fluctuates depending on the characteristics, type and size of this breed of fish.

Fingerlings price – Fingerlings

The price of fingerlings is, of course, cheaper than that of adult fish. If you want to have az fish farming experience. I recommend buying fry to care for them, you will understand the process of maturation, growth and adaptation of the fish. From there, get a lot of experience for yourself.

Small fish. Gather

However, frying is also very difficult. The fish will die if you simply ignore the conditions of the fish’s environment.

Fingerling price is 15 -40k/fish for common line, more expensive King Kamfa line is 100k/fish.

mature fish price

Adult fish are of course more expensive than juveniles. Keepers have to work hard to feed. However, if you do not like to take care of AZ, you can choose a large fishing line to breed. Save time, live longer.

Please refer to the seller’s diet, water and care for you. They will give you valuable knowledge.

Price of money Arhat. Gather

Thai Red Adult Arhat Fish Price: 500-800k/fish
Diamond fish price from 700k -1tr 4 / fish
King Kamfa is the most expensive line that can reach 4-12 million/child.
Adult Arhat. Internet

Why is there such a difference in price in a fish line? It depends on the characteristics of each individual. The price is evaluated by the cover, fins, color of the rare fish or not, from there, give the appropriate price.

How to raise and care for Arhat

Many of you may not know, arhat fish well cared for judging by their heads. To get to the top of the standard, few farmers can know. The head of the fish is highly dependent on parental genes when selecting for crossbreeding.

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breeding tank

The fish tank must have a minimum size of 0.6 mx 0.3 mx 0.4 m. The tank can be bigger depending on your space and conditions.

The tank does not need any decoration. Whatever it is, it’s ruined. These fish are very active. If you raise a lot, you should separate it with cups

Reproductive Arhat Care


The temperature is 28-30 degrees Celsius, too cold will affect the fish. You need to prepare a heater in the winter days in the north.

Arhat fish care.


Like other lines of fish, if you use tap water, you need to remove all the chlorine from the water so that the fish can easily adapt.

The proper pH range is 7.5 to 8.0. To maintain a stable water environment, you should change the water once a week. And in the tank some coral must fall to maintain the stability of the pH.

Water for fish farming is very important in arhat care process. You must prepare an aeration system for the aquarium.

Put salt in the fish tank

To disinfect and disinfect water. Just a little salt. It is not iodized salt.

What do Arhat fish eat? Arhat Fish Food

Newborn fish take 2-3 days to acclimatize, the first few days, the fish can’t even open their mouth. After a few days they were able to eat small foods.

You should feed the artemia fish. Regular maintenance after 1 week can allow the fish to eat other food. You must buy industrial prepared food combined with fresh fish food. According to many aquarists, feeding fish meat can help give fish a better head.

Split your fish’s meals throughout the day to help them better absorb. Also, pay attention to the amount of food that should be reasonable. Too much can affect the quality of the water in the tank.

How to breed Arhat fish?

Choose suitable male and female fish. Many breeders often have a way of releasing the male fish into the female’s tank for 1-2 hours. Their hormones will stimulate the head of the larger fish.

In industrial fish farming, people use the reproductive hormone HCG. Two doses 12 hours apart. When the female is about to spawn, she detaches the tank, then gently strokes the eggs into the bowl, then takes the male and coats the eggs with semen.

Gently stir in the chicken feathers and place in the brooder. The eggs will hatch in 2 days.

(Experience shared on the aquarium farming forum)

Breeding LH fish with which strain?

Aggressive Arhat fish. They live with pride and consider themselves the owners of the territory, so they try to protect it. Their aggressive personality makes them very difficult to keep with other lines of fish, even within the same species.

The herd nature is only in infancy. But when you grow up, there will be disputes. Common fish breeds, you can choose tank cleaning fish, carp.

Conclusion: I hope the article helps you in the process of choosing care and Nurturing arhat fish. You can learn more about the farming experience in fish forums or groups on Facebook.

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