american shorthair cat

american shorthair cat

American shorthair cat with English name The American shorthair cat is known as the native cat breed of the United States, it is an ancient cat breed and more bred in this country.

The American Shorthair cat breed was introduced to the US 400 years ago and is loved and favored by many people here. They hunt mice and snakes well and quickly adapted to this land to rapidly develop their species. In 1895, the breed was present at cat shows in the United States and was officially recognized a few years later by the CFA. This marked a turning point in the history of this breed and the name American Shorthair was officially born in 1966.

Where does the American shorthair cat come from?Where does the American shorthair cat come from? ST photo

For hundreds of years, the American Shorthair has always been a human-friendly and extremely hardy breed of cat. You can find this breed almost anywhere in the United States. The body size of the American Shorthair cat is classified as medium with a height of ~30 cm and a weight of ~7 kg.

Characteristics of the American shorthair breed | american shorthair

The American shorthair cat has a strong body, the proportions in the body parts make them move much more smoothly and firmly. The head of the American cat is large and round, the ears are large and rounded at the tip.

Personality: Quite similar to arabian cat or British Shorthair, American Shorthair Cats are quite calm, they are sociable and not too open to strangers. They do not like to be destructive and mischievous, which is why they are very popular in the United States. With other animals, this breed is not too friendly, they must be trained and accustomed to the presence of other animals. This is a breed suitable for small apartment settings, they like owners to respect their independence and want to operate independently. You also don’t need to worry too much about taking care of them and petting them as often as other breeds of cats.

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Characteristics of the American cat lnCharacteristics of the American cat ln. internet photos

American shorthair cats easily adapt to living conditions in any environment. They feel safe around you, even if they don’t curl up like other cats. Just quietly next to you, or sitting next to you while you sleep. This is something special about the American shorthair cat’s personality.

How to care for an American shorthair cat

Because it can easily adapt to the living environment, the American fluffy cat breed is very easy to raise, suitable for owners who have no experience with cats, busy people, and singles who don’t have time to take care of cats. In most cases, the American Shorthair is very calm and slow. When home alone, they are active and seek out gentle but non-destructive play.

American cats have a short coat, so caring for the cat is not difficult, you just have to remove the hair that falls out weekly. Depending on the time, your hair loss increases. The thickness of the coat also changes with the seasons. Therefore, when raising American shorthair cats, you only have to take care of their fur depending on the time of year.

American shorthair cat personality Personality of the American Shorthair Cat. internet photos

Like other cats, owners should brush their teeth weekly to prevent dental disease, clean their eyes, and clean their ears with wet saline to minimize ear, nose, and throat related illnesses. Care must be handled carefully to avoid scratching during the cleaning process for the cat. You should also establish a moderate lifestyle for this cat, giving it exercise and reducing a high carbohydrate diet.

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American shorthair cats will not go to the bathroom if the litter is not clean, so clean the litter box to make BOSS more satisfied.

The American cat gets along well with children if they are respected, since as a cat it used to hunt mice since ancient times, the predatory nature is still evident in this feline breed. they often chase small creatures, especially guinea pigs and birds… Training them to get used to and be nice to their little friends is how you can help them reduce their survival nature.

The average life expectancy with good care is 15-18 years.

The price of American cats LnThe price of the American cat Ln. internet photos

Price of American shorthair cats

American shorthair cats cost between 8 and 30 million depending on their breed and origin, characteristics and place of birth. Dogs with documents, clear origin and imported from the US and European countries tend to have a very high price compared to American cats born in the country. Cats born in Vietnam and undocumented are usually cheaper and adapt to living conditions in Vietnam faster than cats imported from abroad.