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bully dog possessing muscular muscles with a rather fierce appearance. It doesn’t look big, but it scares people away. However, this dog breed is widely used as a companion dog in Vietnam and around the world. Find more information about the American Bulldog breed in Vietnam.

Origin of the American Bulldog

This breed is the result of a cross between a Bulldog and a line pitbull dog. They therefore possess the characteristics of these two lines, in particular the muscles of Pitbull and the appearance of Bulldog. Despite their fierce appearance, they are extremely sweet and adorable. We can breed them as pets quite effectively alongside Poodles, Pugs, or other canine lines.

Exotic Bully American BulldogExotic Bully American Bulldog

First appeared in 1995 and created a fever for the whole world. The name American Bully emerged from there and created a wave of finds and wholesale purchases. However, it was only about 5-7 years ago that the American Bully breed was brought to our country and registered in Vietnam.

Cool American Bulldog.Cool American Bulldog.

However, this breed still does not have a birth certificate. They are quite similar to the native canine lines of Vietnam in this regard like Phu Quoc dogs, Lai dogs, Hmong dogs… while they have not been recognized by the world. From the point of view of geneticists, the American Bulldog is still only recognized as a Pitbull hybrid, not necessarily as a new pure breed. This is why this dog has not been officially recognized by the FCI. However, there are still 3 organizations specializing in American dogs that recognize them: AKC, ABKC, UKC. Each organization has their own standard tables developed for this breed. For those who breed, pay close attention to this standard for judging beauty and purebredness.

For more details, you can refer to the dog Bully on Wikipedia!

Characteristics of the Bully Dog

Because they are a cross between a bulldog and a pitbull, at a glance they can be very similar to their parents. However, there are still some differences below that we can keep an eye out for.

weight size

With the size is not too large, it is very suitable for making pets and pets. With a height between 45 and 55 cm, it is the most popular of this breed. Males are slightly larger than females. This allows them to mate more easily when it’s time to breed. The weight also has a slight change when their maximum weight is around 25-28 kg and the minimum when adults are 14-23 kg.

The Bully American Dog is quite muscular.The Bully American Dog is quite muscular.

face head

Their heads are similar to those of Pitbulls but slightly larger. Having a broad forehead allows the eyes to be set further apart. The ears are arranged at the 2 ends of the dog slightly upturned. With large ears, owners may choose to clip them to be more compact and beautiful.

A similarity to the Pitbull dog is that they have extremely strong and tight jaws. Due to this feature, when they bite, they almost never let go. We can find a lot of clips online that no matter what we do, we still can’t get them out. So when breeding pit bulls in general and this American Bull line, you also need to be careful. Although they have a milder temperament than pit bulls, who knows what a bad day will be like?

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American Bulldog American Bulldog.American Bulldog American Bulldog.

There is no fixed standard for eye color, which means any eye color is acceptable with the standard version. Only white eyes are not recognized. Therefore, if there are individuals of this color, they should not be propagated to avoid developing genetic resources of this lineage. This feature is also quite similar to nose color as they also don’t have a standard for their nose color.

Lips of all kinds are good as long as a compact shape and pouty lips are acceptable. However, people like thinner lips more because they are cute without being gross. Imagine the lips that drool on hot days, you feel scared and repulsive.


They are extremely muscular compared to other dog breeds. Even more muscular than the ancestor is the pitbull line. Above all, the American bully dog ​​just needs to eat well, the muscles will form on their own, without having to train austerely. It’s as if Africans are all extremely muscular and don’t need a lot of exercise.

A majestic gait with a wide neckline that slightly protrudes the front bust. A large, sturdy gait with straight front legs and what appears to be a small appearance of arched legs. Seen from the front, you can see that the chest is curved, dividing the groove into two extremely muscular sides. Only with this feature can the opposite person be terrified.


Has short, straight and relatively thick hair. When you look at the feeling of softness, it is very enchanting like their ancestral dog lines. The tail is short, not too straight and not curly. In terms of coat color, it’s pretty easy when brown, spotted, or streaked colors are endorsed by 3 famous canine organizations in the United States, as mentioned above.

American Bully Dog Personality

Compared to Pitbull, the aggressiveness of this dog is very reduced. Even moderate almost 90-95% of aggression towards humans. They are almost friendly with the owners, the face and especially the children. The calm is amazing when no one thinks he’s a descendant of a pit bull. Consequently, they are kept by many people as pets and often have a rather majestic status. It seems to be a fairly loyal line of dogs when they are around 8 months old it is difficult for strangers to make friends and call them. This is why they must be raised from an early age to ensure their closeness.

american bully dogThe temperament is quite mild, but they have pitbull blood in them, so be careful with Bully dogs.

With gentle people, but with other dogs, they still retain the instincts of the competitive breed. If you put 2 animals next to each other, it is still possible to bark and bite each other. Those who keep 2 dog breeds different from the American Bully should pay attention to this issue.

How much do bulldogs cost?

Needless to say, one can guess that this is quite an expensive dog breed. Their price can vary from 10 million to thousands of dollars. Even having dogs up to 20-30 thousand dollars is not uncommon. The parent dogs have a clear full lineage, the price reaching this framework is quite possible. In the United States, breeders of this breed are considered a profession and socially approved. Not only circulating and supplying domestic dogs, but also exporting all over the world.

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The American bulldog is quite expensive in Vietnam.The American bulldog is quite expensive in Vietnam.

In Vietnam, the price is also cheaper because the origin and lineage are mixed. With around 5-10 million customers, you can own an American Bully puppy. However, if you want to standardize gene sources and lineages, you need more than this number. The vast majority of farmers today are usually those who know how to play or have conditions. So if you want to buy, start with small dogs first to get to know each other and get a reasonable price.

In Vietnam, a Bully dog ​​was bought for 2.6 billion VND. That’s a really terrible number of this particular line of dogs and other dog lines in general. Of course, compared to the golden age of the Tibetan Mastiff, they have no doors when there are individuals up to 1 million – 5 million, which is the equivalent of 20 billion to 99 billion from VND.

What is Bully dog ​​food?

With such a muscular system, we definitely need to add more protein from fish meat to them. Especially beef, milk eggs to build muscle. This muscular system is free to structure and grow, so it does not go through the training process. In addition, it is essential that vegetables and fruits are added to the diet. They can be simmered and then mixed with meat porridge to make them easier to eat. Therefore, determine to provide them with the best conditions for foods such as meat, fish, eggs and milk.

bully dog ​​foodMeat is definitely Bully’s #1 choice. In addition, it is possible to add granulated dog food

How to raise a Bully dog?

Above is the diet so we won’t talk about it anymore. Then come the care, the living environment and the practice only.

If possible, let the muscular Bully live in a large space. This way they can play comfortably without any further issues. However, you also need to pay attention to the temperature issue when dealing with a western dog who is very scared of the heat in Vietnam. Farmers need air conditioning to keep them cool to limit breathing and drooling, which is both unsanitary and miserable.

Raising and caring for the American Bulldog is not too complicated.Raising and caring for the American Bulldog is not too complicated.

Although he has a short, thick coat, he also needs regular cleaning and brushing. Limit odor on dogs fit to cuddle or sleep with their owners.

Where to buy muscular Bully dogs?

There are many places that sell this breed, but finding a reputable seller is difficult. Most of them are undocumented dogs born in Vietnam, so they cannot guarantee the standard of origin and lineage. However, in return, it will be cheap for those who play passionately without economic conditions. With other players, you can buy from sellers like sieupet or dogily, for example. They are also reputable providers on the internet.

In addition, you can also refer to canine lines from Thailand or directly imported from the United States. When buying these lines for dogs, we feel much safer when the line is guaranteed. However, the price can be a bit of a pain, so be careful.

With the share of Hope the owner has more information about the Bully muscle breed. Need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.