The White Maine Coon Cat: A Regal and Exquisite Breed

white maine coon
Blanche: QUEEN

Imagine a cat that exudes beauty and luxury at every turn. The white Maine Coon cat is a majestic creature that embodies prestige and elegance. But did you know that the white coat color of a Maine Coon is not actually a color at all? It is a result of inheriting a dominant marker gene that masks the underlying colorings. This gene is so powerful that it always overrides any other genetic coloring within the cat. However, underneath that pristine white coat lies another color, which may sometimes be visible as a spot of fur on the cat’s head during kittenhood. As the cat matures, this spot disappears, leaving behind a permanent white coat.

The solid white Maine Coon can have captivating blue eyes, striking copper eyes, alluring green eyes, or even mesmerizing odd eyes.

Unveiling the Rarity: Are Maine Coon Cats White?

Maine Coons come in a variety of colors and patterns that will leave you absolutely delighted. Among the stunning array of options, the white Maine Coon cat stands out as one of the most beautiful and captivating choices.

It may come as a surprise to many that there are Maine Coons with a solid white coat. White cats, in general, make up only 5% of the entire cat community. And within the Maine Coon population, the white variant accounts for a mere 1.5%. Despite its rarity, the white Maine Coon has developed a devoted following of enthusiasts who appreciate its unique allure.

The Precious White Maine Coon Kittens

White maine coon kittens
Bossa Nova – 1 Week Old
White maine coon kittens
Copycat – 1 Week Old
White maine coon kittens
Billie – 1 Week Old

There’s something undeniably enchanting about white Maine Coon kittens. These tiny bundles of pure white beauty bring a different look and feel compared to their more classic-colored counterparts. It’s difficult to put into words, but once you adopt your own white Maine Coon kitten, you’ll become part of a sub-culture that cherishes their unique charm.

Let’s not forget to mention how utterly adorable these kittens are! Just take a look at Bossa Nova, Copycat, and Billie in their early stages. Their pure white fur is undeniably precious.

A Deafening Myth: Are White Maine Coons Deaf?

maine coon blue eyes
Photo of White Maine Coon kitten with Blue Eyes at 2.5 Weeks Old (indicated by 2 red pupils under flash photography)

One common misconception about white Maine Coon cats is that they are prone to hearing loss. While it is true that there is a risk factor associated with white cats, not all white Maine Coons suffer from deafness. The risk is higher if the cat has blue eyes since the same gene responsible for the white coat can also cause hearing impairment. A white cat with two blue eyes has a 40% chance of being deaf on the side with blue eyes, while a cat with one blue eye has a 20% risk.

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Fortunately, a test called the BAER (Brainstem auditory evoked response) can determine if a white Maine Coon is deaf. This test evaluates various components related to hearing and should be performed if there is any suspicion of deafness. It is important to note that deaf cats should never be used in breeding programs.

The Rare Combination: The Blue-Eyed Maine Coon

The blue-eyed Maine Coon cat is an absolute marvel and can easily be considered the most striking member of the Maine Coon family. The combination of a solid white coat and mesmerizing blue eyes is truly a sight to behold. When you consider the rarity of a white Maine Coon, finding one with blue eyes makes it even more exceptional.

During the early weeks of a kitten’s life, their eyes appear a deep blue, often referred to as “baby blue.” It takes time for their eyes to transition to their permanent color, starting from the pupil and gradually spreading outward.

Interestingly, flash photography can offer a clue about a cat’s eye color. When a photo is taken in low light using a flash, the pupils of a blue-eyed Maine Coon do not have enough time to contract. As a result, the light passes through the open pupil, reflects off the back of the eyeball, and produces a red reflection in the photo. This phenomenon occurs because blue-eyed Maine Coons have less melanin in their eyes, just like humans with blue eyes.

Embracing the Rarity: Are White Maine Coons Rare?

white maine coon
2 Years old

Out of the entire Maine Coon population, only 1.5% are solid white, making them an incredibly rare color variation. However, having a white Maine Coon in your home will undoubtedly deepen your appreciation for this extraordinary breed.

Despite concerns about cleanliness, white Maine Coons possess a remarkable ability to groom themselves and maintain their snowy white appearance. Their natural instincts ensure that they remain a stunning delight for your eyes to behold.

Ever since I welcomed Omega, my all-white Maine Coon, into my life, I have been captivated by this breed. Producing solid white Maine Coon kittens has become my aspiration. To achieve this, one of the parents in a litter must be a solid white Maine Coon. Finding the perfect white queen for breeding has been a challenging journey, but I am thrilled to introduce our first queen, Blanche, who will soon be capable of producing solid white Maine Coon kittens.

You can find more information about upcoming solid white Maine Coon kittens by visiting Blanche’s profile and visiting our website: Katten TrimSalon.

The Gentle Giant: Friendliness Personified

Meet Omega, my white Maine Coon baby. He is Hissyfit Coons Omega, and he just celebrated his fourth birthday as of this blog post. Among the diverse array of Maine Coon colors and patterns, white has become one of my personal favorites.

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As I perused his photos, I fell deeper in love with his all-white appearance. The moment I decided to welcome him into my family, his name was “Liberty.” However, I renamed him “Omega,” thinking he would be my last cat for a while. Little did I know that my journey would ultimately lead me to become a Maine Coon breeder.

Every week, I eagerly awaited new photos of Omega, and with each passing moment, he became even more stunning.

Omega Finds His Place: Right at Home

Omega - 31 pounds at 5 years old
Omega – 31 pounds at 5 years old [Owner Tracy Caywood / Breeder Rhonda Lund of Hissyfit Coons]

When Omega joined our family, he seamlessly integrated himself into our household. After the necessary isolation and introduction period, he effortlessly blended in with the other two male cats, Finlay and Big Ben. Omega’s calm and gentle demeanor made him an instant member of the group.

While I adore all my cats for their unique personalities, there’s something undeniably special about my white Maine Coon cat. Not only is he a striking beauty, but he is also the “coolest” cat in the neighborhood.

The Coolest Qualities: Why My White Maine Coon Cat is Extraordinary

Here are a few reasons why Omega stands out as the epitome of coolness:

  • He’s the chattiest cat I’ve ever encountered, constantly meowing, talking, chirping, trilling, and even grunting. With Omega around, I never need an alarm clock because he faithfully wakes me up at 5:45 am, ensuring I never miss the sunrise.
  • His majestic presence is coupled with a goofy side. He struts around with the confidence of a lion but often seems unaware of what’s happening around him, always and amusingly looking like he’s missed something important.
  • Omega possesses impeccable table manners. He waits patiently in his designated spot during our meals, hoping for a tasty morsel. He knows that if he remains in place, he’ll receive a treat. And he’s a true foodie, willing to indulge in everything from macaroni and cheese to chicken.
  • He’s a friend to everyone. I’ve never seen him display aggression toward any of the other Coonies or our dog, Branson. Omega is simply a big, lovable teddy bear.

Unveiling the Magnitude: Omega’s Growth

At a remarkable 31 pounds and only four years old as of July 2021, Omega is well on his way to becoming the largest member of my furry family. His weight and solid build suggest that he may even compete for the title of the World’s Biggest Cat.

Watching Omega grow into a mature young adult has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Cats are genuine and true to themselves, unaware that they’re being observed. Their authenticity is something I genuinely treasure. I look forward to creating many exciting memories with Omega, filled with laughter and joy. I’m forever grateful to Rhonda Lund at HissyFit Cattery for entrusting me with this stunning, sweet, and affectionate boy.

white maine coon
Omega at 2 years old

If you’re interested in learning how to photograph kittens, be sure to read the article on our blog.

Remember, white Maine Coon cats are a rarity that combines regality, exquisite beauty, and a loving temperament. They bring a touch of elegance to any home lucky enough to have them. If you’re captivated by their charm, consider welcoming a white Maine Coon into your life—they truly are a breed like no other.