All types of cat litter you should know

All types of cat litter you should know

Cat litter is a convenient and indispensable product for cat owners. They work to absorb and deodorize cat waste, making cleaning your cat easier than ever. Plus, cats are mostly kept indoors these days, so using litter is a must if you want your living space to always be clean. Because the demand for cat litter is increasing, there are many types of litter on the market made of different materials. What are the advantages of each type? What litter is best for your cat?

Agglomerated clay cat litter

type of material bath sand The most popular today, whose main ingredient is bentonite clay, is also the main raw material used to produce toothpaste and shampoo. As a result, they have extremely good absorbency, excellent ductility and excellent deodorant capacity of up to 370%. As a result, the litter quickly clumps into solid blocks when it comes in contact with cat waste, making it very clean and hygienic, reasonably priced and nice.

However, since the main ingredient is clay, it is mostly processed, so the sand will have a lot of dust and dirt. And most of all, you can’t digest it when you put it in the toilet.

Clay sand does not clump.

It is also made of clay but not bentonite like clumping clay litter. As its name suggests, this type absorbs debris but does not clump it together. Therefore, the litter quickly smells, often you have to change the litter tray and clean the cat’s toilet. But the biggest advantage is that its cost is much cheaper than other types of bundling. However, the price is sand for cats This is much cheaper than the block type.

crystal sand

Glass sand is formed from tiny particles of silica similar to desiccants, preservatives, desiccant bags found in medicine bottles, food packages, and produce that can be damaged by excess moisture. . In particular, the weight of glass litter is very light, difficult to break, but it absorbs water and absorbs odor very strongly, and more importantly, it does not generate dust, does not stick to cats’ paws. That is why glass litter is often more expensive than other types of cat litter. However, because of the strong suction, it can even absorb 95% of the body weight, so 1 5 liter bag can be equivalent to 2-3 other normal cat litter bags, so it is still very economical, if it is used for a long time. time. long.

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An advantage of glass sand also makes this sand more economical. You can look at the color of the sand to know when to change the sand. Because glass beads are waterproof or clumpy, they form a layer of debris at the bottom of the tray, so when the beads are no longer clear, they must be replaced.

You should be aware that glass litter is not suitable for cats with diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases; Due to the poor antibacterial capacity of glass litter, it generates more harmful bacteria on the surface than other types of litter.

The sand is made of recycled paper, sawdust, pine wood.

These types of toilet litter are biodegradable, can be flushed down the toilet, absorb quickly, but have limited deodorizing ability.

Litter litters made from scrap wood primarily use heat to remove toxins, oils, and allergens from the wood. Pine-scented litter helps control waste odor. Large pellets will clump up to some degree, but in the form of small particles, pine wood turns to sawdust which creates dust and requires frequent replacement of the litter pan.

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The last type is litter made from pulp or wood pulp pressed into a mold. After the cat has gone to the bathroom, the litter will soften and be easily handled simply through the toilet without clogging it.

Agglomerated toilet litter, without additive odor is the cat’s favorite type

In studies of cats’ preference for litter, lumps of granular clay were most preferred. Cats show an aversion to litters with strong odors, too many synthetic fragrances. But the sad thing is that the inexpensive litter on the market contains a lot of synthetic flavors to help mask the smell of cat poop. One piece of advice given is that you should choose unscented or lightly scented bath litter.

How should cat litter be used?

Measure the amount of litter poured into the tray about 3cm-4cm, and distribute the litter evenly in the tray so that the cat can step on it comfortably.

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Please leave the pot in a quiet and dry place, and it must be fixed, do not move it to different places

Clean up clumps of kitty litter and cat feces every day.

Cat waste meeting the toilet litter will build up quickly, usually only about 3 seconds with a good absorbent litter. Instinctively, after going to the bathroom, the cat will cover the waste with new litter. So, he only needs to use a shovel to scoop up the clumping litter and throw it away, keeping the litter dry and clean.

Change the sand With the sand that does not agglomerate, you will have to change it often, after a few times the cat goes to the bathroom. With good kinds of litter, after you clean out the debris-absorbing clumps, you still have that layer of litter, and then you pour new litter on top. With the whole sand pot, it is enough to change the sand once a week.

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And to use kitty litter, you need to add some of the following:

cat litter box or toilet

Litter trays are usually reasonably priced, you can easily buy or even use plastic pots at home as cat litter trays. However, there are many cats that are very naughty, when they go to the bathroom they tend to dig in the sand. This makes you always have to clean up the scattered litter, especially if you use litter made of clay, when it comes to water, it will become soft, very unsanitary.

If you don’t want to be cleaning all day, you can use a self-contained cat toilet. Not only does the floor stay clean, but the toilet also has the ability to control the smell of waste. In particular, on the roof of the cat toilet there is a place to put the scented bag, which helps to keep the air fresh and odor free.

1 shovel

A small scoop next to the litter bowl so you can clean up your cat’s mounds of daily waste. The poop scoop is usually included in a cat litter box. If you only use litter trays and pots, you need to purchase this product separately.