Alaskan Purebred Dogs Must Have These 5 Elements

Alaskan Purebred Dogs Must Have These 5 Elements

What are the characteristics of purebred Alaskan dogs? How to recognize and distinguish Alaska with the naked eye. Everything will be summarized in this article from

According to Wikipedia on Alaska, Alaska is a large-bodied, agile and intelligent dog. The thick coat that adapts well to harsh weather conditions is an easily recognizable characteristic of other breeds. However, upon returning to Vietnam with a different climate, this coat is no longer as thick as before along with a change in body size as well as the dog’s features.

The following 5 characteristics will help you easily identify purebred Alaskan dogs.

Characteristics of purebred dogs from Alaska. internet photos

Characteristics of Alaskan purebred dogs

There are a lot of people who confuse Alaskan dogs and Huskys for each other. They simply have the same origin and very similar physical characteristics. If you want to distinguish these two breeds, you can refer to the detailed article.

About Alaskan eye color

Alaskan purebred dogs have only 2 eye colors, black and brown. All other eye colors like blue, seen in other Alaskas, are not accepted as pure. So, just by looking at the Alaskan eye color, can you judge whether the Alaskan dog is a purebred or not?

If pure Alaskan is your criteria right from the start, then eye color should be the first thing you look at. Blue eye color and other eye colors are often hybrids, not purebreds.

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For more details you can read the article: Alaskan malamute dog | Characteristics, price, how to take care of Alaska in Vietnam.

alaskan fur

The Alaskan coat has a special characteristic compared to other dog breeds. They grow long and form a wide mane like a lion’s.

Alaskan Malamute dog coat. internet photos

According to many experienced brothers and sisters, purebred Alaskans have long hair on the ears, the hair on the legs and around the muzzle should be white. If these two areas are not white, then it is not a purebred.

Also, the hair color will fade from top to bottom. There are many different coat colors such as: black and white, greyish white, reddish brown… The rarest color is the agouti, which is a color that alternates between black, grey, sepia, white…

Alaskan purebred tail

The tails of pure Alaskans are often curled over the back. All Alaskans have tails that curl up on their backs. Flying tails are not characteristic of purebred Alaskan dogs.

dog ears

The ears are triangular, erect, the ears of purebred Alas are smaller than the body. The cubs are not fully developed, the ears are lowered towards the head. If the dog’s ears cannot stand erect as an adult, it means the dog lacks calcium.

Alaskan dog ears. internet photos

Need urgent calcium supplement for dogs.

dog’s leg

It can be said that Alaska is a dog with 4 large and robust legs. By applying a proper exercise regimen, your dog will develop a strong muscular system. With Alaskan purebred, 4 large and robust legs, toned muscle mass, large feet and thick pads.

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How To Choose To Buy Purebred Alaskan Dogs

Before choosing to breed Alaskan dogs, you should carefully consider the captive conditions, length of care, and what Alaskan dogs eat. The more you learn, the easier it will be for you to choose the right Alaskan dog for the conditions.

Alaska dog standard price. internet photos

It is best that you go to the place to see the dog and go with an experienced person, better. Avoid online transactions when in doubt.

Buy cheap Alaskan purebred dogs online

“You get what you pay for” from the past, the oldies had this saying which really isn’t bad. Buying purebred Alaskan dogs or raising them at home will not be cheap. When you see ads for Alaskan dogs for sale for 3 to 4 million or less, this means you should reconsider the dog the seller is selling.

Be careful when buying Alaskan dogs online. internet photos

These people often hit the cheap psychology of the buyer in order to force him to transfer the deposit in advance. And, of course, the above address is not clear, since only the name of the district, the name of the neighborhood, etc., in general.

The reason why Alaskan dogs are cheap

  • Cheap Alaskan dogs are usually smuggled dogs, Chinese dogs are bought from dealers. These dogs are at risk of disease.
  • The pups interbreed too much, even with dogs, so they can no longer maintain Alaskan characteristics.
  • The seller hides dogs from dangerous diseases that can spread.

Alaskan Malamute dog. internet photos

Hopefully, through this article, you have understood more about Alaskan dogs and how to distinguish purebred Alaskan dogs. You just need to pay attention to find reliable addresses to buy puppies.

I hope you find a good puppy soon.