Alaskan malamute dog | Characteristics, price, care of Alaska in Vietnam.

Alaskan malamute dog |  Characteristics, price, care of Alaska in Vietnam.

The Alaskan Malamute, also known as the Alaskan Malamute, is one of the most bred dog breeds in Vietnam and in the world.

Alaskan is known as a sled dog breed in Alaska. They are known as Malamute from the tribe in the homeland of this breed. They are quite large dogs and have extremely good cold tolerance. Their thick fur and robust body make them the king of the snowy mountains.

The origin of the Alaskan Malamute dog

ancestors of alaskan dog It is a breed of wild wolf that was bred to pull the carts of the Eskimos that moved through the snowy area.

However, today’s Alaskan dog breed is not a purebred direwolf, but was bred by the Eskimos with the Newfoundland dog and the St. Bernard to create larger, more productive dogs for their transportation work. .

Alaskan purebred dog. internet photos

You may not know that this breed was only known when many people flocked to Alaska in search of gold. Immediately, Alaskan dogs quickly became the main mode of transportation here. After 1896, they were returned to the United States for further development.

At the same time, Alaska also becomes a state of the United States, of course, the Alaskan Malamute dog will also become a dog breed of this country.

Origin of the Alaskan dogOrigin of the Alaskan dog

In 1935 they were recognized by the AKC. However, just a few years later, Alaskan Hounds were used primarily in the military during World War II.

The number of this breed is declining rapidly, causing a headache for many dog ​​conservationists in this country. However, with their efforts, dog lovers in the US have brought the Alaskan population back. There are even movies about this breed that have won many prestigious awards.

Reference from: Wikipedia

They are truly a large breed that is loved by many.

Characteristics of the Alaskan Malamute dog

Alaskan dogs are clearly divided into 3 lines, which are Standard (standard), Standard Large (standard large), and Giant (giant).

You may not know that the Giant breed is not recognized by the FCI (World Canine Association) because this organization only recognizes the Standard. The largest lines are only classified into Large Standard and Giant. Rather, this Giant breed is recognized by the American Kennel Club.

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Alaska has a height that ranges between 60 and 75 cm. It weighs between 40-60 kg. The Alaskan Giant Dog can weigh up to 80 kg and be up to 75 cm tall.

alaskan dog body

Their bodies are balanced and they possess a strong and solid body. The Alaskan Malamute has fairly large paws that make it easy for them to walk on snow. This may be the feature that allows them to run fast on snow with ease.

Characteristics of the Alaskan Malamute dogCharacteristics of the Alaskan Malamute dog

They have brown or black eyes, erect ears, and are covered in a layer of fluff. The Alaskan Malamute is famous for its thick, silky coat, along with a pair of curly locks that stand tall on its back.

The characteristics of the Alaskan dog depend a lot on the feeding and nutrition of the dog from an early age. You can consult the article >>> What do Alaskan dogs eat? Alaskan diet by age

Alaskan purebred characteristics. internet photos

The main color of the Alaskan coat is reddish-brown and gray – white, soft and difficult to absorb water. The Alaskan coat is often shed seasonally, so when cared for in Vietnam, owners should brush the coat regularly to eliminate shedding and prevent tangling.

The Alaskan shield in Vietnam is not as thick as it is in its homeland. This is understandable as they need to adapt to Vietnam’s climate and environment. Its muzzle and legs are characteristically white. Open eyes are always wide open and listening to the environment.


Perhaps in Vietnam, many families are caring for and feeding this breed. Partly because they are intelligent, obedient, and very friendly with everyone in the family.

They are very active and full of energy. So when you care for Alaskans, you have to spend time taking them out for a run.

Alaskan dog personalityAlaskan personality. internet photos

They are smart, so training is easy, and listening and loving children is also their inner trait.

They are also ready to protect their owners when they see danger lurking. Like the instincts of her ancestors, Alaska loves to be pulled. You can loop the straps around your chest and let them pull you. This delights Alaska and effectively expends excess energy.

How many types of Alaskan dogs are there?

Currently, according to the American Kennel Club, there are 3 popular Alaskan breeds classified by body size: Giant Alaska and Standard, Large Standard.

Alaskan Giant (Giant)

This is the largest Alaskan dog breed today with a maximum height of up to 1 m and a weight of approximately 1 hundredweight. The Giant lineage is the result of crossing Alaskans with other native breeds. They are strong, big and have tremendous stamina.

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The origin of the giant Alaska. internet photos

Born in a harsh environment, alaskan giant dog It has the characteristic of adapting to harsh weather conditions when the temperature drops. The thick coat is a feature that easily distinguishes the Giant line from other lines. In Vietnam, the Giant line is relatively expensive and difficult to take care of, so very few people take care of it.

This is a dog breed born in a cold environment, the temperature is low all year round, so the hot and humid climate of our country will be a great difficulty when deciding to take care of this breed.

Alaskan standard dog

This is quite a popular line in Vietnam, Alaska Standard was bred and bred well adapted to hot and humid climates with lots of rain.

The Standard line is smaller than the Alaskan Giant series. The maximum weight that can be reached is 40 kg, the average height is 30 -40 cm. Standard Alaskans are widely bred because they are easy to care for and can grow and thrive in our country’s climate.

For the most part, Alaskan dogs on the market are standard.

Chó Alaska Standard Large

This is a dog that is slightly larger than standard, so it should be classified as large.

How to recognize purebred Alaskan dogs you can read more articles: Characteristics of Alaskan purebred dogs?

Alaskan Malamute dog price in Vietnam

Alaskan dogs in Vietnam are mostly standard and some are giant. With the standard line, the price is mainly 8 to 11 million. This is the average price that many Alaskan foster families sell for.

This price depends on the characteristics of the dog. The pretty babies with pink fur have the highest price of up to 15 million, the average price of gray-brown and white is 10 million, and the red-brown color is 12 million.

alaskan dog pricePrice

By default, the Alaskan Giant is a cute looking big dog with a higher price of 15-20 million/baby with good looks and good features. Bitches are more expensive than males.

  • Like other dog breeds, the Alaskan imported Thai costs more than the domestic breed. The standard is 18 million on average, the giant is 25 million on average. This price can be much higher when your baby has papers
  • Dogs imported into Europe, especially from their Alaskan homeland, command a high price with an almost absolute level of Thoroughbred. The people who import these babies are mainly dog ​​breeders. The average price of a puppy imported to Europe is 40-60 million. Children with terrible pedigrees whose parents won big prizes in dog show competitions cost up to 100 million.