Alaskan Giant Dog | How much does a “giant” Alaskan dog cost in Vietnam?

Alaskan Giant Dog |  How much does a "giant" Alaskan dog cost in Vietnam?

The Alaskan Giant is the largest dog breed in the world. In Vietnam, this variety has not been bred by many people because it is difficult to care for and the price is quite high. This article will help you understand more about the Alaskan Giant and the Alaskan Giant dog price list in the Vietnamese market.

Alaska or Alaska Giant dogs in particular are sled dogs originating from cold countries, they were discovered and bred by the ancient Eskimos. So far, this is a dog breed that is widely kept all over the world.

Origin of the Alaskan Giant Dog

alaskan giant dog It was bred by the Eskimos a long time ago. They were bred for the purpose of creating a bigger, stronger dog for easier snow sledding.

The origin of the giant Alaskan dog

In the end, they were successful and created the Giant race that it is today. They are stronger, bigger and more resistant over long distances. However, you may not know, alaskan giant They are not recognized by the World Dog Association because they are bred from the Alaska Standard line.

Although unrecognized, the Alaskan Giant remains a proud achievement of the Eskimos. In 1935, the breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club. They immediately attracted the attention of many dog ​​lovers around the world and are popular to this day.

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Characteristics of the Alaskan giant

alaskan giant dog It is listed as one of the many dog ​​breeds with the largest and most voluminous body in the world.

Size and weight

  • Weight: 50 -55kg
  • Height: 60 – 80cm

Many people can even grow depending on the environment and living conditions. In Vietnam, most of the Giant lines have a height of > 60 cm and a weight of 50 kg. Because the environmental conditions are not favorable for dogs to grow, the size and height are different from those of foreign dogs.

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All information, knowledge about the Alaskan dog breed. You can read it in the column >> > Alaska

alaskan fur

The coat is the most special characteristic of alaskan giantTheir thick fur makes it easy for them to walk in the snow. However, this is a disadvantage of the Giant line in Vietnam when the weather is hot and humid throughout the year.

The color of the coat is mainly 2 colors, black-gray or white-brown… With the climate of our country, dogs usually change their coat once a year. Molting helps them easily adapt to Vietnamese conditions. For those of you who care for this line, it is necessary to pay attention to regular epilation and care.

Characteristics of the Alaskan giant

The difficult point is that in the hot season, Alaska must be kept in a low temperature environment. Sudden exposure to hot weather can cause dangerous heat stroke in your dog.

The tail is curled and curls towards the body. This is also a feature that helps identify Alaskan dogs with Husky.

alaskan giant eye

The characteristic eye colors are black and brown. This is the characteristic that distinguishes purebred and mixed-breed Alaskan dogs. Many individuals are blue when crossed with Husky.

Alaskan Giant Dog Personality

In general, Alaskan personalities are friendly and lovable, and Giants are no exception. Alaskan giant dogs but extremely cute, affectionate, love to be petted and cared for.

The good thing about Alaska in general is that she likes to be carried, sitting on her lap, which is a bit hard compared to the Giant’s body :)). Besides, alaskan giant quite friendly with the children of the family. However, it is still necessary to train and teach the dog when it is welcomed to a new home. Avoid blocking or chaining too long in one place.

Hyperactivity is in the nature of Alas. It’s understandable that sled dogs were born, roaming a large area of ​​ice and snow, so breeding Alaskans, especially the Giant line, your home should have a yard or spend time getting them out into a large space. If they are cooped up for too long, they can cause confusion and crazy feet.

The personality of the giant Alaskan giant dog. internet photos

the favorite exercise of alaskan giant he’s pulling carts, so let Alaska do the chore that’s considered her forte. Note: in summer, you should wait until late afternoon before taking the dog out to avoid heat stroke.

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Another point to note is alaskan giant They have a curious trait, they love to explore everything in the house and they have a short temper. 😀

How much does it cost to buy a giant Alaskan dog?

Alaskan Giant in Vietnam The price is quite high, perhaps because few people keep it, partly because this breed of dog when imported to Vietnam is very difficult to care for due to weather conditions.

Babies born in Vietnam have an average price of 17-30 million. The price of the female is higher than that of the male and depends on the body characteristics and the color of the coat.

here is the table Alaskan Giant Dog Priceupdate from some famous pet stores

the giant series

– Black and white: 15 million – 16 million.

– Gray and white: 15 million – 16 million.

– Reddish brown: 17 million – 18 million.

– Color pink: 19 million – 20 million. Prices also vary depending on features, gender.

Alaskan Giant Dog Price Alaskan giant dog imported from Thailand

and China cost from 22 to 40 million. And, of course, there are some babies imported from Europe, the motherland of Alaska, priced at over 100 million dong. And to own these babies, most are professional breeders and have abundant financial conditions.

However, when these babies return to Vietnam, they may not reach the expected size because unfavorable environmental conditions are a hardship for farmers.

A note on caring for the Alaskan Giant When determiningAlaskan Giant Dog Breeder

you need to prepare carefully in terms of finances, space, and captive conditions because Vietnam does not have favorable conditions.

Don’t have a dog without spending a lot of time taking him out every day.

Brush regularly to remove tangled and loose hair from the Alaskan giant.

The diet of the Alaskan giant alaskan giant dog

It is a large dog breed that needs to consume a large amount of food, so educate yourself and propose a suitable diet for dogs. Especially Protein – found in beef or beef… The diet of the Alaskan dog will be detailed in the article >>>

What do Alaskan dogs eat? Alaskan diet by age

Supplement with calcium and other substances necessary in adulthood, combined with age-appropriate physical and movement exercises.

Taking care of the Alaskan Giant dog. internet photos

exercise regimen

Alaska’s forte and favorite exercise is towing. If not, you just need to get them out into a big field to get them working, running, and releasing energy. Unlike other dog breeds, alaskan giant dog

they can do exercises like sledding, pulling weights, running long distances… Things like catching a ball, catching a puck may not be suitable for them.

And remember, when the sun is hot, let the weather cool down before taking the dog out.

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