Alabai dog | Characteristics, price, how to care for alabai dogs in Vietnam

Alabai dog |  Characteristics, price, how to care for alabai dogs in Vietnam

The Alabai is one of the many dog ​​breeds known as the divine dogs of Central Asia. This is a giant, extremely intelligent and courageous dog.

The Alabai dog breed is widely bred in Central Asia, has an ancient origin and is known as the god dog of this region. The Alabai is known as a brave, intelligent and extremely loyal dog.

Origin of the Alabai dog

Alabai dog.Alabai dog. internet photos

According to Wikipedia about this breed, Alabai dog is an ancient herding dog that originated from an area close to the former Soviet Union like Turkmenistan, Afghanistan…it was bred by indigenous people here to graze livestock, protect and care for people. This breed is originally from Central Asia, it is not a cross between many other breeds.

Some Soviet scientists and biologists have studied the number of alabai dogs since the 18th century.

But later the Red Army imported many other breeds to serve the army. This inadvertently caused Alabai to interbreed with other breeds, leading to depletion of purebred individuals. At that time, purebred Alabai dogs were only left on farms and dog lovers in Central Asia.

The Alabai dog is not only used for herding, guarding, but also used as a fighting dog, but it is not as bloody and slaughtering as the Pitbull breed, it is simply a competition and has a referee who can determine the dog wins the wars real .

Today, alabai dogs are increasingly used in dog fighting competitions in Central Asia instead of herding cattle and protecting people.

Body features of the Alabai dog.

Lifespan: 12-15 years Body Proportions: Tall Weight: Male dogs: 55-80 kg | Females: 40-65 kg

Height: Dog : 68-82cm | Females: 60-70 cm Other name: Turkmen Alabai, Ovtcharka Trung Á, Masti Asiatic…

Origin: countries of the former Soviet Union.

FCI Group II.: Pinscher and Schnauzer- Molossoid Breed – Swiss Cattle Dog and Shepherd Dog.

Characteristics of the Alabai dogCharacteristics of the Alabai dog

The Central Asian Shepherd is a large, gigantic dog with a toned body. They have a large and slightly square head, small short ears close to the head, and small and often brown eyes.

Characteristic short and square muzzle, short and erect tail, thick and short fur. Light coat color is usually white gold, vanilla cream color.

Alabai dog personality

Alabai is a smart dog breed

Alabai dogs are very smart, they excellently perform the assigned tasks. They learn and absorb very quickly. This is considered an advantage when training. However, the owner must also be extremely assertive, strict and experienced.

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Alabai is absolutely loyal

Perhaps this characteristic of the Alabai Central Asian Shepherd is similar to the Tibetan Mastiff when almost all their lives they are loyal to a single owner. Therefore, it is very difficult to train Alabai as an adult. They are willing to sacrifice themselves to protect the safety of their owners.

Alabai dog personalityThe personality of the Alabai dog. internet photos

The Alabai dog gets upset when someone trespasses the territory

As a highly intelligent herding dog, Alabai’s personality is also quite special as they do not like strangers or enemies hanging around their living room. On the contrary, they get along very well with children and the families of their owners.

With other breeds of dogs or even cats, they are very aggressive and are ready to attack when they see danger lurking. Same with strangers.

In general, Alabai dogs are intelligent, strong, of feisty blood but friendly to the owners and children in the family. However, you should limit your access to them if you are a stranger. You will be in danger.

How to train the alabai dog

As mentioned above, in order to carry out the Alabai dog training process, the owner is required to be strong, decisive, strict and, above all, to have experience in dog training. Because if not taught, Alabai can be a danger to humans and other animals.

Training dog AlabaiTraining Alabai dog. internet photos

How many months is the training of the Alabai dog?

Alabai dogs are highly intelligent and aggressive, so owners often start training them when the dog is young. The stage of dogs from 2-3 months is when they are just starting to get used to their surroundings. So this stage will be the most suitable for training.

At this age, the dog has not yet grown to a large size, making it easier to control and control. Adult dogs are extremely difficult to train because their personalities are formed gradually in the development process.

Once you have decided to breed an Alabai dog, you should also train your own patience from there.

At this time, it is recommended to let the Alabai dog gradually get used to the daily activities of household pets, such as bathing, washing hair, drying hair, eating dog food. At first it will be a bit difficult because alabai dogs are very difficult to obey. This is a job that requires a lot of patience.

alabai dog careTaking care of the dog Alabai. internet photos

At this early stage, alabai dogs will be very difficult to obey, but you need to calm down and let them gradually adjust to the new environment. Once you are familiar with the environment and the owner’s training method, you should increase the intensity and difficulty of the exercises. With intelligent personalities, they will be easy to learn.

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If you do not have enough experience for training, Blog Love Dogs and Cats encourages you to look for an intensive training school so that your dog is able to achieve maximum efficiency.

Some common diseases in the process of raising Alabai dogs

Alabai dogs in a favorable living environment have very few diseases, mainly bone diseases due to the large body size of this breed. Therefore, in addition to a reasonable diet, owners must also provide a proper exercise program for the dog to develop holistically.

Remember, enough, excessive exercise also greatly affects the musculoskeletal system of the dog.

How to care for the Alabai dog?

alabay dog ​​food

For healthy Alabai requires that you provide them with a reasonable diet. Basically, their diet is similar to that of other large dog breeds.

You can give dog food or other fresh foods to accompany it.

Hair care

The climate in our country is different from the homeland habitat of the Alabai dog, so the dog’s coat changes in the two places are different. Dogs will typically shed 1-2 times. Therefore, you must provide a sufficient amount of food to help your dog have a healthy coat, brush it regularly to minimize hair loss.

Use specific dog shampoos to clean your dog.

Don’t forget to fully vaccinate when you bring your dog home

Alabai dog price in Vietnam

In Vietnam, the number of Alabai dogs is quite small. Recently many breeders have begun to pay attention and import this breed for breeding purposes.

  • The average selling price of an Alabai in Vietnam ranges from 19 to 28 million VND per child, depending on the body characteristics.
  • For babies imported from China, the price is higher than 30 million or more. China is still a place where Vietnam imports a lot of dogs because of the quality and size of the breeding farm here.

The price of the dog AlabaiThe price of the Alabai dog. internet photos

  • The best quality is still the dog imported from Europe and especially from the homeland of the Alabai dog. Priced at 70 million or more, you can have a purebred Alabai baby with all the paperwork. The leading dog houses in Europe are the trusted addresses for dog camps all over the world. The precious genetic resources here will help diversify the genetic resources of this breed in the country.

One more note that we want to talk about: it is better not to buy an adult Alabai dog to care for and nurture it. This is quite difficult for training.

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