Akita dog breed – “National Dog” of Japan

Akita dog breed - "National Dog" of Japan

The Akita dog breed is a precious dog breed, known as the National Dog of Japan. They are intelligent and loyal dogs that have been featured extensively in popular television series.

The Akita dog originated in northern Japan 2,000 years ago. This can be considered an ancient dog breed from the land of the rising sun. In the past, they were bred by the nobility to help with hunting.

However, later this breed quickly became a symbol of the Japanese royal family – Akita is also known as the “national dog” of Japan.

Akita is a large strong dog, loyal and quite stubborn. However, with strangers, the Akita is always cautious and unfriendly.

The most prominent characteristic of this breed is its absolute loyalty to its owner. Due to this characteristic, they have appeared in many internationally famous television series.

Due to how special and precious the Akita is, the price of owning an Akita is very high, around $3000. Even years ago, Akita was prohibited from being shipped to other countries.

History of the Japanese Akita breedHistory of the Japanese Akita breed. ST photo

Hachiko is probably not a foreign name to Vietnamese audiences anymore, it was this dog that brought the Akita’s reputation to the world when his story of loyalty to the elderly professor was brought to the small screen.

Many people right now want to have Akitas, but are not successful, especially Americans. However, during World War II, Akita dogs were quickly brought back to their home countries by the Americans as trophy, causing the breed to open up a new branch.

The Japanese emperor has facilitated the export of dogs to the United States. This has made the Akita line quickly become popular in this country.

Akita breed characteristics

The Akita is one of the many dog ​​breeds in the world that is classified as a Spitz (snow dog), it is a breed of dog with a thick 2-layer coat and a strong, muscular body.

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The North American Akita line is taller than the Japanese Akita. However, the body of the Japanese Akita is a perfect body to body ratio. It is because of this body feature that the Akita is considered a beautiful dog and represents the entire country of Japan.

akita dog breed  PHOTO STakita dog breed ST PHOTO SOURCE

Their heads are large, their faces are hairy, and their foreheads are flat. Their snouts are small and short, with sharp teeth that can hunt prey very effectively. The coat is thick and colorful, but the coat color of the purebred Akita is usually white, black-white and red-brown… The eyes are small and dark brown, the nose is black or dark brown, the ears are erect and tend to be tilted forward.

Akita Dog Personality

With the characteristic of being a hunting dog of the past, the character of the Akita is very stubborn and difficult to teach, but when the owner has taught it since childhood, they are extremely obedient, obedient and above all loyal.

  • Very strong and likes to live independently, unlike any other breed, the Akita does NOT like to be petted or cuddled.
  • Their nature is rebellious, so they are very wary of strangers and make very good watchdogs. Courage and resilience are ingrained in the Akita blood, which can be most easily seen in Japanese dramas. In the past, Akita was known by his character Hachiko, a dog that waited for his owner for 10 years in the same position until he died. The Japanese also trust her loyalty to the point of leaving their children in Akita’s care.
  • The Akita’s weakest point is his aggression towards other dogs. So when you care for an Akita, you should wear a muzzle when you interact with other breeds. When provoked, they can bite any animal larger than themselves.
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Characteristics of the Akita dog breedCharacteristics of the Akita dog breed. ST photo

How to care for the Akita dog breed

To breed this breed, you need to be persistent and independent in training. They have a very high independent thinking ability, so when their orders are unreasonable, they won’t obey.

Despite being a very active breed, the Akita can thrive in a good apartment environment. However, his coat sheds a lot in a year, so it is necessary to use a specialized brush and bathe him a lot to avoid the situation of overflow of hair in the house.

It is the loyalty and intelligence of this breed that has made them the pet of many aristocrats and royals in Japan.

Akita Inu dog breed careTaking care of the Akita inu breed. ST photo

How much does the Akita dog breed cost?

As introduced, the Akita was previously a protected breed in Japan, so this breed is also quite expensive. To own an Akita, you need to spend a fee of up to 2000-4000 $. This is not a cheap rate for dog owners. However, Akita children in Vietnam are mostly Akita breeds originating in the US imported from Thailand.

Importing an Akita dog back home is really a very difficult thing with a lot of paperwork and at the same time receiving a dog order from abroad also has a very high risk of being scammed so this breed is often difficult to find. import and the price is very high

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