Abyssinian cat: an ancient breed of cat that remained on Earth

Abyssinian cat: an ancient breed of cat that remained on Earth

The Abyssinian cat is known as the oldest breed of cat left on Earth today. No one has been able to confirm the origin of this breed of cats. Based on scientific evidence, the Abyssinian cat probably originated in Egypt. More are currently grown and bred in the US.

The origin of the Abyssinian cat

The Abyssinian cat has quite a special name when it is named after the Ethiopian land in Africa, once thought to be the homeland of this breed of cat. The story happened when a British soldier came to this land and brought a pack of local kittens. After many years of research and research, scientists have partly found the homeland of this breed of cats. They probably originated in Egypt and somewhere in this country.

Origin of the Abyssinian catOrigin of the Abyssinian cat. internet photos

According to Wikipedia, they were brought to Africa illegally in barter. In the UK this breed is widely bred and developed. In the 1900s, this breed was introduced to North America and quickly earned the love of cat owners. They have become one of the most popular shorthair cat breeds in the United States.

They are recognized by the main cat breed organizations in the world such as TICA, CFA, AACE, CCA…

Characteristics of the Abyssinian Cat

The Abyssinian cat has a slender body, the height can reach 60 cm. The average weight is 5-8 kg. This is a breed of cat with large ears and very hearing. Multicolored eyes like blue, yellow… The long and slender tail.

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The Abyssinian cat has a dark coat, the color of the coat will change as the cat matures. The coat of an adult cat is close to the body and very soft. Generally abyssinian cat assessed against reddish-brown coat color standard, black pointed tip. In addition to this color, they can also appear in other color variations such as chocolate, copper. Although these colors are rarer.

Abyssinian Cat Personality

Abyssinian cats are intelligent but somewhat stubborn. When they don’t feed or run, they often get frustrated and grumpy. Abyssinian cats are also very calm and have a soft meow. Most breeders love their cry. They are friendly with their owners and family members, but they are shy and don’t seem to like approaching strangers.

Abyssinian cat personalityAbyssinian cat personality. internet photos

Instinctively intelligent, they are curious about the things that happen around them. Running around the house to find a place to play and play is second nature to them. In their free time, they snuggle up to their owners and really want to be petted. They often sit up high and watch everything around them.

Abyssinian Cat Health Problems

With proper care and an active diet, the Abyssinian can live up to 15 years. They are very resistant and adaptable to all living conditions. If you are careful, you should pay attention to the cat’s climbs because they are very active and ready to destroy everything in the house. It is advisable to spend time stroking and caring for your cat’s fur to keep it healthy.

  • Some common diseases of cats such as gingivitis, hereditary diseases of amyloid kidney disorders. Mutations in the rdAc gene cause retinal degeneration. However, with today’s modern technology, scientists have reduced the rate of Abyssinian gene mutations.
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How to care for an Abyssinian cat

Pay attention to common cat diseases that are spread through contact with other cats. Limit contact with strange cats. With its curious nature, the Abyssinian often encounters theft and accidents when away from home.

It doesn’t take long to care for the Abyssinian’s coat. Every week you should pay attention to care for your teeth and strengthen the protection of your gums. Periodontal disease is the biggest health problem for this breed. Clean the ears and remove dirt daily. Unlike other cats, the Abyssinian can be trained if the owner is persistent. Intelligence helps them quickly absorb the lesson and remember it next time.

If possible, you should take your cat to the clinic regularly for close monitoring.

How to care for an Abyssinian catHow to care for an Abyssinian cat. internet photos

Currently in Vietnam, this breed of cat is not well known and there are not many sellers of this breed of cat, if not very rare. There are very few people for sale online. Replicating Abyssinian cats is also the wish of these owners. But since the demand is not high and it almost has to be imported from abroad, it is a great obstacle when it comes to replicating this breed.