6 Japanese Dog Breeds Nicknamed the National Dog of the Land of the Sun


The 6 Japanese dog breeds below are the most beautiful symbols of the Land of the Rising Sun. For centuries, they have always been considered loyal friends of the Japanese people. Let’s find out together with the Dog and Cat Love Blog.

Perhaps when it comes to Japan, Sen immediately thinks of Shiba and Akita, but in fact, Japan has many other beautiful dog breeds, no less than Akita or Shiba.

Top 6 Japanese Domestic Dog Breeds You Should Know

Most of the dog breeds in Japan are quite similar in shape and size, but each breed has interesting characteristics and personalities.

akita dog

Perhaps no introduction to the Japanese Angel Akita is needed. This breed is known as loyal and is one of the many beautiful dog breeds here.

No one is familiar with the name of Hachiko, the loyal dog who has brought many viewers to tears. The Akita’s popularity is also featured in many works of art and movies around the world.

japanese akita dog breedjapanese akita dog breed

Akita is quite large in size. They can weigh up to 60 kg and grow up to 60 cm tall. This breed is strong and absolutely loyal. They serve a single master and protect him until his last breath. The thick and long coat helps them adapt to the climatic conditions of Japan.

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shiba dog

Just as famous as the Akita, Shiba is also known for his loyalty. They have similar external characteristics to Akitas, which is why many people often confuse these two breeds.

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The difference between these two breeds is that the Shiba is smaller, they are just a miniature version of the Akita when they weigh only 15kg and are 38cm taller. They are friendly and loyal to their owners.

Ryuji the dog is nicknamed Expression Saint.  Ryuji Instagram photo)Ryuji the dog is nicknamed the Saint of Expression. ryuji instagram photoshiba_charmyInstagram: @shiba_charmyacoshibaInstagram: @acoshiba

Shiba’s fur color is usually yellow, red, dark brown… What makes Shiba different is his fresh face. There is always a smile on this dog’s face. The online community even named Shiba: “Happy Shiba” or “happy dog ​​breed.”

Instagram is full of photos of Shiba with a cheerful face and happiness evident on his face.

Hokkaido dog other name Ainu

Perhaps not many of you know this breed. Hokkaido is considered a typical dog breed for this cold country. They are large with a height of about Akita and a weight of up to 30-35 kg.

hokkaidodoghokkaidodog. In: Flickr/Sarah Smith

The coat of this breed is thick and extremely intelligent. Previously, this breed was domesticated by the Ainu tribe to be a hunting dog, they are intelligent and willing to sacrifice themselves to protect their owners.

cho everything

Another rather strange breed, isn’t it? However, many of you who love Japan may know this breed as the Tora Inu or Kai Inu. They are about the same size as Hokkaido but smaller.

cho everythingkaiken dog. internet photos

This breed is just as loyal as the previous breeds but more affectionate. The main difference is that Kaiken live in groups, so they have not been hybridized since ancient times.

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shikoku dog

For me, this is the most beautiful breed of dog in Japan with the appearance of a wolf. However, their faces are kinder and reveal their intelligence.

shikoku dogshikoku dog. internet photosshikoku dogshikoku dog. internet photos

In addition, Shikoku dogs are also loyal and very careful, protecting themselves from lurking dangers. This is probably what makes the Japanese choose this breed to watch and protect.

Kishu Dog – One of the many beautiful Japanese dog breeds

The Kishu is a small dog that is about the same size as the Hokkaido. The distinctive white coat is the distinguishing feature of this breed. They have several coat colors, but white is the most common.

Adult Kishu dog.  internet photosAdult Kishu dog. internet photoskishu dog Kishu dog. internet photos

This breed of dog differs from previous breeds in that the temperament is quite active, they are eager to run and jump. The ancestors of this breed have been bred in many nomadic tribes since time immemorial.

Above are popular dog breeds bred in Japan. Additionally, Japan also possesses an extremely rare breed, the Kawakami. They are a cross between a wolf and a domestic dog. The number of remaining individuals is only about 80, so this breed is no different from the treasure of the country of the Rising Sun. Let’s admire the beauty of this breed through the following images.

Rare Kawakami Dogs Kawakami dogs are rare. internet photosKawakami dogs are rare.  internet photos Kawakami dogs are rare. internet photosKawakami dog.  internet photos Kawakami dog. internet photos

Hopefully the article has helped you a bit to understand more about the endemic dog breeds of Japan. If you have a chance to go to Japan, please help me to send your photos. ^^!