5 Ways to Tell Husky and Alaskan Dogs Apart in Just 30 Seconds

Phân biệt Alaska và Husky qua vóc dáng trọng lượng.

How to tell Husky and Alaskan dogs apart is a question almost everyone has to ask themselves. At a glance, one can see that they are very similar in appearance. However, if you know these characteristics, you will find that it is all too easy to tell which is a Husky dog ​​and which is an Alaskan dog. They just have differences that ordinary people don’t notice, which is confusing. Take a look at the characteristics below to understand what a Husky is and who an Alaskan dog is.

The most accurate way to tell Husky and Alaska dogs apart

The following methods can help people who know nothing about Alaskan or Husky identify the type. After reading this, you will become a Master Dog.

Feather recognition

The simplest and easiest way is to identify them by their feathers. The coat of the Alaskan Malamute is fluffy and much thicker than that of a Husky. They create an extremely thick, ultra-smooth and shiny coat that warms the body and ensures smooth movement. The Alaska coat has a similar function but is much shorter. They almost hug the dog’s body to serve continuous activities for many hours. This is why Husky is chosen to be a sled dog much more than Alaskan.

How to recognize Alaskan and Husky dogs?How to recognize Alaskan and Husky dogs?

Recognize by tail

The Husky’s tail is usually small and curled up. They will act as a paddle so the dog can quickly change direction when running at high speeds while racing or sledding. In contrast, the Alaskan usually has the shape of a tail that curls over its back, so it is difficult to do this. On the other hand, fur is also one of the parts that helps dogs retain heat well. The long, fluffy coats of the Alaska mark the breed for their aesthetics and beauty.


The second way to tell Husky and Alaskan dogs apart is based on their physique and weight. Considering the same number of months and years of age, Alaska is almost always one and a half times larger than Husky. While an adult Alaskan can weigh up to 70 kg, Husky Bulldogs only weigh around 27-35 kg. The height of Alaska is also higher than Husky when Alaska is around 68-70cm and Husky dog ​​is around 50-55cm.

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Distinguish Alaska and Husky by body weight.Distinguish Alaska and Husky by body weight.

Recognizing Husky and Alaskan dogs through eye color

If Husky has too many diverse eye colors ranging from brown to blue to amber or even one color for each eye, Alaskan dogs are different. Only two brown or black eye colors are recognized as purebred by the American Kennel Club. If there are other eye colors, they are classed as not pure and disqualified at breed certification contests. Combined with the ways to identify Alaskan and Husky dogs above, you’ll get the most accurate plan.

face recognition

If you notice that Alaskan dogs have a round face with a fairly thick eyelash system. At first glance, I thought Kim Mao Su Vuong Ta Ton looked pretty scary. However, Husky dogs have a slightly elongated and smaller overall shape. Their fur system is also shorter which gives a distinctly different feel when you want to know who is Husky and who is Alaska.

Identify the Alaskan and the Husky by the shape of their head.Identify the Alaskan and the Husky by the shape of their head.

Personality of Husky and Alaskan Dogs

A must-have characteristic when you want to recognize these two types is personality. It’s no coincidence that Husky is called Rocky Dog. It’s their crazy crazy crazy personality that gives them this nickname. On the other hand, Alaskan dogs are quite calm. They are like a real adult man who is always calm in the face of all phenomena. This is why Alaskan behavior is always gentle and Husky is always like a bull that is always on the move.

What is the price for Husky and Alaskan dogs?

Considering the price range in the market, the Alaskan price is higher than the Husky in both domestic breed dogs and imported foreign dogs. Their price is always 1.5-2 times higher than that of Husky dogs. If converted to dog meat pricing, Alaska is still slightly better due to its greater weight.

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Below is a table comparing Husky and Alaskan dog prices for your reference.

TYPE OF DOGS Hoarse Alaska
Vietnamese dogs 7-15 million won 10-20 million won
Dogs imported from Thailand 15 million donated 16-40 million won
Dogs imported from Europe 20 million donated 45-60 million won

Between Husky and Alaska should we choose which type?

It is really difficult to decide which one to choose because everyone’s standards are different. There are people who like to breed Husky and there are people who like to breed Alaska. The type of dog you want to raise depends on the pros and cons of each breed of dog.

Both of these dog lines are cold dogs, so raising them poses a potential risk of heat shock in Vietnam. However, with Alaska it seems to be more serious as he has thicker and longer hair, so the ability to radiate heat is also more difficult. We need to find methods of cooling them. In contrast, Husky has shorter hair, so it is easier to handle when breeding.

Should You Breed an Alaskan or a Husky?Should You Breed an Alaskan or a Husky?

Moreover, there is another feature that you need to pay attention to, namely the problem of hair loss. Alaskan fur is longer, thicker, so if she sheds, it will be more terrible than Husky. We will spend more time cleaning the dog hair from the house. Husky is also a shed dog, but its fur is also called temporary less than Alaskan, so owners also prefer it.

The third criterion for choosing between Alaska or Husky is size. For small families, raising Alaska is harder than going to paradise. But with Husky, it’s simply because their size and weight aren’t too important. We can keep it in the house normally without worrying too much about the size. But think about it with a dog weighing 40-50 kg or more, the owner should also prepare quite carefully for where to live for him.

Personality is the final factor in deciding whether to breed a Husky and Alaskan dog. The aggressive Husky should be loved by more people. They have lots of crazy moments posing if uploaded online will get more followers than Alaska.

If we have a lot of money, we can choose to breed Alaska, and if we save money, we can choose Husky. With the above sharing, we hope customers can tell Husky and Alaskan dogs apart. If you need further assistance, please contact Chocanh.vn !