5 types of cat toys that guarantee the boss’s love 100%


Cat toys are the only thing that exists, there are other things or not, it doesn’t matter. Toys help Boss to play and relieve stress easily.

Are here 5 cat toys but every time I see him, Boss gets excited to the extreme. Let’s explore the cat and dog lovers blog.

Why should you buy cat toys?

As mentioned above, cat toys are not just an item to entertain cats, they also provide many benefits for the cat’s health, especially mental. The toys will help cats release excess energy while enhancing the human-cat bond.

Reduces stress and helps cats relax

Cats love to chase and are always curious about everything around them. Moving objects within a cat’s line of sight are attractive. So if you have a cat in a limited space, you should buy him stress-reducing toys because he can’t run, jump, explore here and there.

Cat toys to reduce stress and help cats relaxCat toys to reduce stress and help cats relax

Maintain hunting skills

The use of cat toys also helps to maintain and strengthen the cat’s instincts and reflexes when it sees enemies. This is necessary because most cats are now kept in apartments and high-rise buildings, so they don’t have much contact with many types of rodents, so the instinct is gradually lost.

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Improve the health of your cat

To reduce obesity and diseases caused by inactivity, cats need to be more active. cat toys is the solution to the problem. Not only does it play, but the cat’s skeletal muscles also develop further.

Strengthening of affection and attachment between SEN and BOSS

Cats are like other pets that need to be loved and stroked every day, playing together also makes the cat’s affection for the owner more. They envelop their owners and treat them like a friend to stay with for a long time.

In addition to toys, you should also pay attention to proper cat litter to keep the cat’s playing area clean.

5 Types of Exciting Cat Toys

Not necessarily cat toys must be purchased, you can fully use the materials available in the family to create an exciting toy for your boss.

toilet paper core

It must be said that Boss has never criticized the toilet paper core, they love this toy and innocently bite and roll with a simple paper core. He can also hang paper cores above his head to challenge his cat’s abilities. This makes him happy.

Paper bags, shoe boxes, cartons

You may have seen pictures of cats, even though they are as fat as pigs, trying to get into cardboard boxes or shoe boxes. I don’t know what’s so special about these boxes that they attract cats so much. Try it on your cat at home to see how the Boss reacts.

cat toyscardboard cover

I guarantee that 99% of them will rush to scratch this orgasm toy.

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Toy fishing rod is never boring

The cat fishing rod is very simple with a plastic or wooden stick tied with 1-2 soft feathers or something. The method is similar to a fishing rod.

Improve the health of your catRod

Enticing them to jump high, grabbing the bait at the end of the rope will stimulate the cat’s mobility and hunting ability. This is probably a toy that never gets bored, even our cats will rush all day to chew on that fishing rod.

You can make a cat fishing rod yourself, you can also buy this cat fishing rod quite cheaply at pet stores.

Scratcher – indispensable toy for cats

Perhaps many cat owners have experienced the feeling that an object is scraped to pieces in the house just because the Boss needs a place to sharpen his nails. The foundation rake is made up of a cylinder surrounded by a tight stop rope.

If you don’t want the furniture in your house to get calloused, you should buy Boss a good scratching post to alleviate his sadness.

Scratching post - cat toynail rake

Tree house for cats – Tree for cats

Simply put, it’s a place for them to climb and exercise right in the space of the house. In addition to reducing stress, the cat house also helps the cat’s health improve through exercise.

Cat tree - cat toyscat tree

The cat tree reduces the incidence of obesity in cats and helps the cat burn excess energy efficiently. Cat trees can also be made at home or purchased at pet stores today. The price of Cat Tree is quite high, so not everyone can afford it.

Above are 5 legendary cat toys, hoping to help you choose one for your beloved boss.

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