5 small dog breeds that are not big enough to be liked by many people in Vietnam

5 small dog breeds that are not big enough to be liked by many people in Vietnam

Here are 5 small dog breeds that are not big enough to fall in love with, these dogs are also the most popular in our country.

Small dog breeds that are not large are loved and chosen by many people as pets to care for in Vietnam. The advantage of these breeds is that they are quite modest in size and very easy to breed. Also, they are smart and quite funny. Perhaps it is because of this feature that many people want to have them so much.

In our country, the movement to breed small dogs that are not big started recently but it has really caused a fever. Even dogs have many groups who love small dogs, mini dogs were established for the purpose of exchanging knowledge about cats and dogs. Most are animal lovers, especially small dogs. After 1 round of surveys and synthesis on the Internet, Blogyeucomeo.com will send you the names of 5 lovely small dog breeds that are loved by many people today.

5 Favorite Small Dog Breeds That Aren’t Big In Vietnam

The common feature that can be easily recognized in these breeds is their small body size and not growing too large over time. They only reach their maximum body size on average, so they are very cute.

We have also previously introduced you to the detailed characteristics of this beautiful breed. They are considered mini dogs and have the cheapest price of small dog breeds that are not large. They have grown and developed in Vietnam for a long time, perhaps that is why Chihuahuas are sold a lot in our country and their prices are also cheap for this reason.

Characteristics of the Chihuahua dogChihuahua – a small dog that is not big. internet photos

They only weigh a maximum of 2-3 kg. This breed has long and short hair, but in Vietnam the most popular is the short-haired breed. They are quite playful and loyal to their owners or family members. Chihuahua dogs have a very loud bark, they are very alert to strangers. This is considered one of the 5 small dog breeds that I would like to recommend to you.

The price of chihuahua dogs is not too expensive. Only from 1 million to 3 million, you already own a chihuahua with a funny face born in Vietnam and fully vaccinated.

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The Pomeranian, also known as the Pom or Pomeranian, is a very attractive looking and pretty dog. They have white or light brown fur, this is also the most bred small dog breed in Vietnam.

The Pomeranian has an average size of 20-25 cm in height and a maximum weight of 4 kg. They have white, brown… and round faces and pretty eyes. Dogs of this breed in our country usually have whiter fur.

Phoc Squirrel Dog PersonalityPhoc squirrel dog personality. internet photos

They are easy to raise, especially they adapt well to a relatively small apartment environment. However, Phoc squirrels often suffer from “little dog syndrome”. This is a disease that makes them think that they are their masters. So if you choose Phoc squirrel to raise and care, you must be a strict person to teach them in the best way.

Phoc squirrel dogs are currently priced at 5 to 7 million. A price that is neither too high nor too low. Also, teacup squirrel dogs will be priced 2-3 times higher than 15-20 million due to their rarity.

You can learn more about the concept and characteristics of the Teacup breed >>> HERE

Perhaps this is a breed of dog that many people know about. About 5-6 years ago. Phoc dogs or Fox dogs were quite popular due to their cuteness and outstanding appearance at that time. They are very intelligent and very easy to care for. They even breed Phoc dogs similar to our dogs.

The Pomeranian Deer is also one of the small dog breeds that are not large. Its maximum size can reach up to 20-25 cm in height. They are also not too expensive, so they are probably adequate for the income of many households in our country.

deer pugdeer pug

However, the disadvantage of deer is their stubborn and rebellious nature. In order to train your Puppy, you must teach him basic habits from an early age. Like other small dogs, deer also often suffer from small dog syndrome. In any case, they always show that they are overwhelming you.

The price of owning a Phoc Deer dog is only 2-4 million per child born in Vietnam and fully vaccinated.

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When you buy mini poodles, train them carefully because they are quite stubborn.

  • Little poodle, mini poodle…

As you know, Poodle dogs have many different lines of which the smallest is Teacup, Tiny, Mini… They have a very small body size, even the Teacup line can fit into a teacup. tea. However, the hybridization rate of this breed is quite rare, so the price is also very high. At one time, many young people were able to seek out this line of teacups to care for and nurture.

teacup poodle dogTeacup poodle. internet photos

They are extremely small dogs. The only special feature is the size and the cute face that can cut the heart of all the dog lovers in this world. No matter how much they eat, they remain the same size. To own such a dog, you need to spend a lot of money > 10 million VND.

However, with these dog breeds, even if you have money, you are not sure about owning such dogs due to their limited number in our country. At the same time, very young dogs also suffer from many common diseases related to the blood and digestive system.

Pug dogs, especially Mini-sized dogs, are one of the breeds of small and not large dogs that are bred a lot in our country. The Pug is very famous in the canine world for its mischief and grimace. Also, this is a fairly easy dog ​​to breed, fun, and suitable in an apartment environment with a small area.

pug with floppy faceDrop faced pug. internet photos

They can eat everything without being picky. In addition, the Pug’s short coat does not require sophisticated and painstaking grooming. You just need to bathe them and remove weekly hair loss for them. The price of owning a Pug is not too high. You only need to spend 4 to 8 million depending on the physical characteristics of the dog.

Above are 5 small dog breeds that are not large that we send you. I hope you were able to choose for yourself the right breed of dog for you.

I hope you find a suitable puppy soon.