#5 Attention when mating a dog that every owner should know

#5 Attention when mating a dog that every owner should know

Breeding a dog is not easy, especially for those who are just starting to breed dogs, if you intend to let your dog breed, you should pay attention to the 5 notes below.

If you have a dog, there will definitely come a time when the dog needs to mate in order to reproduce. At times like these, you must feel very confused when you don’t know anything about dog breeding. The 5 cat and dog loving blog notes below might help you a bit.

#5 things to pay attention to when mating a dog you should know

  • mating time

Each breed of dog has different biological characteristics, so the time to choose for breeding is also different. Generally, when well cared for, the bitch will begin estrus at month 7 or 8. However, according to some experienced owners, they should skip this first mating and wait for the second mating.

At this stage, the dog is not yet fully developed physically and mentally, ready for mating, so skip the first mating and start the second when the dog is over 1 year old. The dog’s body at this stage has fully developed.

how to breed dogsHow to breed dogs. Illustration

The timing of the dog’s mating can determine the success or failure of the pup’s health. There are many cases where puppies are born too weak and sick. Therefore, you must choose the right time for the dog to be more energetic. In addition, the selection of dogs for breeding will also affect the litter of puppies born. The breeding season for dogs is about 3 weeks and can be longer depending on the breed.

  • Select individuals for mating

In addition to the timing of mating, you should also pay attention to how to select genotyped and healthy individuals.

For male dogs: Only individuals older than 15 months are selected for reproduction. Dogs that are too young, usually under 12 months, will not be selected because their bodies are not yet complete, they are no different from puppies.

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The selected dog normally has to be evaluated through the criteria of good genetic resources, healthy and disease free, strong limbs, etc. The breeder can also select the male through the pedigree. Each time you mix you should ensure 10-12 days apart to ensure health and quality in subsequent mixes.

with bitches: Choosing a female dog is more difficult than a male dog when you have to watch the dog’s spa time. To choose a bitch you have to choose a dog of 13-14 months or more. At this time, the body of the bitch is fully developed, when she is pregnant and giving birth, the new puppy is healthy.

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Bitches also need to have a good genetic source, be healthy, disease free, have no genetics, and have wide hips and bones that are easy to breed. Bitches with a narrow pelvis will have difficulty giving birth and may require a caesarean section. The bitches move to the males about 2 times a year with quite obvious symptoms. The estrus period can last from 2 to 3 weeks depending on the breed of the dog.

How to choose a dog when mating?How to Choose a Dog for Mating Illustration

Bitches are often tired, anorexic, and appear sad when active. The special feature is the red and swollen genitalia, enlarged compared to normal. Light red colored water comes out regularly after 1 week with the above symptoms. This is the time to give birth to the male bitch. After 7-10 days it will return to normal.

  • Preparing for dog breeding.

Here are some experiences in raising dogs shared by members of associations of dog lovers in our country:

– It is necessary that bitches and males get closer before mating. I need to let them flirt and get used to each other’s scent before mating.

Bitches need to fast for 6 to 8 hours before mating.

– Females must wear a muzzle to avoid biting the males during mating

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– Do not use metal chains when mating

– Make sure that the mating place should be spacious and away from the sun. It can be mixed in the shade of the trees, early in the morning or in the late afternoon… when the sun has gone down.

– The 2nd time is at least 2 days apart from the 1st time.

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Current methods of raising dogs.

  • Breeding dogs of the same species from different lineages and of the same species from the same lineage

Pups, when mated using this method, have traits inherited from both parents, but in the case of the same bloodline, the owner must ensure that the 2 pups are separated by at least 4 generations. Both males and females play a role in determining the characteristics of the pup, not just one of the two as many people think.

Dog breeding methods.Dog breeding methods. Illustration

The dog’s dominant genes will be expressed and the recessive genes will not be expressed. Therefore, males and females with different dominant and recessive genes will create a rich pool of genes to help dogs have the best immune system.

The advantage of the same breeding method is that the gene difference is large and the gene homogeneity is not high. It is difficult to judge the characteristics of puppies.

Cons: Undesirable traits appear in puppies. This will probably persist into the next life.

  • Dog inbreeding methods.

The essence of this mating method is to use 2 individuals of the same lineage. For example, mating puppy with parent dog… This is not a commonly used mating method and requires high technology, so only those with experience in long-term dog breeding can do it.

Most people use this method in order to correct defects in dog lines or to preserve the rare genetic resources of a certain breed.

Advantage: The cubs are born with the most similar characteristics to those of the species. The dogs were bred for 1-2 generations. Puppies are born inheriting purebred genes from their parents. In addition, the partners can predict the characteristics of the pup at birth.

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