# 3 types of shower gel for dogs that are widely used today

# 3 types of shower gel for dogs that are widely used today

The 3 types of dog shower gel reviewed by the Dog and Cat Love Blog below are sure to help you choose the right product for your dog.

Perhaps for dog owners in general, choosing a dog shower gel has never been easy. Among the many products on the market, choosing the right product line for dogs is even more difficult. Therefore, I am writing this article with the desire to help dog owners find the right shampoo for dogs. The article is purely based on personal experience along with some opinions that I read on many forums.

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# 3 types of shower gel for dogs that are widely used today

1. SOS shower gel

SOS is the first line of products I used for dogs. The SOS contained in the package is extracted from nature, does not cause irritation to the skin and softens the coat. A special feature of this line of shower gels is that they are quite low in foam according to my evaluation, antibacterial and anti-lice are quite good. My dog ​​has very few lice despite playing outside a lot.

SOS shower gel for dogsSOS dog shower gel. internet photos

This is also a line of products that sells a lot in Petshops, so it is quite easy for you to buy them. As long as I use it, the scent of this shower gel stays for 5-6 days. After the bath, the smell is a little strong, if you smell it, it seems a little uncomfortable, the hair is softer. If it is a line of long-haired dogs like Poodle, Pom… The SOS shower gel keeps the color of the hair very well, it does not fade.

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I used a blue bottle for my dog, Poodle, but later found the smell unpleasant, so I switched to using other product lines to try. For me, SOS is also quite good, antibacterial is very good.

2. Joyce & Dolls Rose Dew Dog and Cat Shower Gel

This is a brand of shower gel for cats and dogs with many product lines, I choose the rose-scented ROSE DEW line. The scent is mild and lasts a long time. I am currently using it for my dog ​​and find the durability of the scent to be very good. The smell stays for more than 8 days.

According to the manufacturer’s information, this line of products is safe for the skin, helps stabilize the skin of dogs and cats, and the scent stays well on the coat. It does not cause irritation and is suitable for dry skin.

Joyce & Dolls Rose shower gel for cats and dogsJoyce & Dolls Rose shower gel for cats and dogs, photo from the Internet

The foam of the product is very good. Based on my personal use, this product creates more foam than SOS, the smell also lasts longer, but it is recommended to mix this shower gel with a small amount of water to dilute and then bathe the dog. This line of products is a bit thick, making it difficult to rinse out when too much is used.

Usage: Dilute with a small amount of water. Divide into 2-3 bathrooms. You spray or put a cotton ball in the water mixed with the shower gel and then rub it on the dog’s wet hair. Then spray with water and rinse.

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Do the same for times 2 or 3.

3. Trixie Dog Shower Gel

Trixie dog shower gel is a German brand imported directly into Vietnam. Many dog ​​owners trust this brand because they are fully compliant with dog safety.

You are completely safe in Trixie products when this line of shower gel products is completely extracted from the tea tree, making it safe for the skin. In addition, the essences of the tea plant also have a bactericidal effect, preventing the growth of parasites, making the dog’s skin healthy and its coat much shinier.

Trixie shower gel for dogsTrixie shower gel for dogs. internet photos

Compared to the two product lines above, Trixie is cheaper, according to my survey. Trixie’s scent is also quite natural, but the sensation is still inferior to ROSE and SOS. However, in terms of safety and if you love natural products, this is the #1 product line.

In short, each line of shower gel products has a different function and use. These uses depend on the purpose of the manufacturer towards the user, so the seller should be consulted for advice on the product.

Hopefully, through this article, you have been able to choose the right line of dog bath products for your dog. Keep in mind that long-haired and short-haired dogs also have different shower gel products.