3 things to know when vaccinating 7 diseases for puppies


Dog vaccinations, vaccination schedule and how to vaccinate puppies at home are 3 extremely important things to help you better protect your dog’s health.

Domestic dog breeding is gradually becoming a new trend in today’s society, but raising a dog is not easy. You need to pay attention to more things, including the health of the dog, especially the vaccination of the dog is very necessary, which requires the owner to have knowledge and understanding.

puppy vaccinationsVaccines for puppies. internet photos

Common Infectious Diseases in Dogs

  • Rage: Rabies is a common disease in Asian countries. Here the dogs are free and without any type of protection for humans. Infected animals often viciously bite each other and infect others. Rabies is transmitted to humans through an animal bite and causes death if not treated in time.
  • Disease care in dogs It is considered the most dangerous infectious disease that causes the death of thousands of dogs every year. The disease progresses quite rapidly with dangerous signs such as gastrointestinal bleeding, internal bleeding, vomiting, dehydration leading to exhaustion and death. There is currently no cure, only a vaccine.
  • Parvovirus disease in puppies: Along with Care, Parvo disease in dogs is the leading direct cause of death for your dog. Parvo’s expression is similar to Care, but the higher level causes the dog to die faster from dehydration and exhaustion. The mortality rate of dogs when infected is 90-100%. Therefore, Parvo vaccination for dogs is very necessary, especially for companion dogs.

It is mandatory to vaccinate puppiesVaccination of puppies is essential. internet photos

  • infectious hepatitis: It is a dangerous disease that causes vomiting that causes convulsions in dogs.
  • leptospirosis: Intestinal disease that can be transmitted directly to humans due to Leptospirosa spirochetes, causing dogs to vomit and refuse to eat.
  • Bronchitis It usually occurs in dogs under 6 months of age. The disease causes a prolonged dry cough, fatigue and loss of strength, leading to death.
  • Enteritis in dogs: This is a common disease in dogs with manifestations such as vomiting, diarrhea that leads to dehydration, the animal no longer has the strength to eat and drink, causing rapid death if not treated in time.
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In order to avoid giving your dog the dangerous infectious diseases mentioned above, you should vaccinate your dog against 7 diseases, especially keep hygiene and always take care of the dog scientifically and cleanly.

Some dog vaccines

Currently, there are 5 brands of dog vaccines in Vietnam that are widely used and widely used:

  • Zoetis Vanguard: Imported American Vaccine (Prevents 5 diseases (without Lepto disease and enteritis), 6 diseases (enteritis deficiency) and 7 diseases)

Vaccination schedule for dogs when using Vanguard: 1st dose of 5 diseases (applicable to dogs 6 weeks of age and older), 2nd and 3rd doses 3 to 4 weeks apart after the 1st. th dose.

Vaccination schedule for puppiesVaccination schedule for puppies. internet photos

  • Merial Recombitek: This vaccine has only 7 shots. Vaccination schedule for puppies from 6 weeks of age, at 8-9 weeks repeat the 2nd and 3rd dose at 11-12 weeks.
  • Fort Dodge Duramune: The company’s vaccine only has 6 doses for the absence of enteritis. The injection schedule is similar to the previous two vaccines, but only 2 doses are given. (separate 11-12 weeks from the first nose).
  • Virbac Canigen and 2 other vaccines, however, most of these strains lack Enteritis and Lepto.

Where is the dog’s room?

Currently, in many cities of the country, there are quality veterinary facilities and veterinary hospitals. You can easily find a reliable address anywhere. Here are some vaccination addresses for dogs. Blog Love Dogs and Cats presents you.

Vaccinate dogs at Dogily Petshop

As one of the leading dog breeder farms in Vietnam, Dogily offers many famous breeds of dogs and cats. In addition, there is also a team of experienced veterinarians, dedicated to the profession. You can consult Dogily’s services and systems on the website: https://dogily.vn/

Pethealth Veterinary Hospital

This is one of the many prestigious veterinary hospitals in Hanoi. I have also used the service here. Very good, the doctors are dedicated and very enthusiastic about the dogs. I used to cure Parvo for sausage here.

Where can I get my dog’s vaccine? Internet

Gaia Veterinary Hospital

Gaia is probably the first veterinary hospital born in Hanoi, Gaia hospital brings together many good doctors, dedicated to the profession. This is quite a famous address that all pet owners know about.

Samyang Veterinary Hospital

As a relatively new name, Samyang is a Korean veterinary hospital offering international quality professional services.

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You can consult and take your dog for vaccination at the above addresses. If you have another address, you can comment in the article below so that I can add it.

Routine vaccination schedule for dogs.

Before reaching adulthood, you must complete vaccinations for your dog. Full vaccination helps dogs to have better resistance and the incidence of dangerous infectious diseases is also significantly reduced.

First vaccinations for dogs (5 – 8 weeks old)

This is the first injection you should give your puppy after birth. The dog is now about 40 days old, in the growth stage.

You can take your dog to the vet for a shot or give him a shot at home. It is necessary to check the temperature of the dog before the injection. The new normal dogs continue with the vaccination process. Dogs may experience anaphylaxis or fever after injection, depending on the condition of the dog. Therefore, it is necessary to check carefully before injecting them.

Nasal injection for 5 diseases.

Vaccination schedule for dogs.

2nd injection (10-12 weeks of age)

The injection should not be given before 3 weeks or after 4 weeks. After the first dose is 25 and 30 days, the second dose continues to be given to the pup. I still recommend taking him to a vet center to be sure. Every dog ​​that comes here for an injection has a book and an appointment card for the next 2-3 injections. Deworm the dog 10 days before. Please note that the injection time must be exactly as indicated in the appointment letter.

If you are more than 5-6 days late, you need to re-inject from the beginning of the 1st dose Inject 7 diseases

3 injections (14 – 16 weeks)

Still, the old rule is not to inject more than 3 weeks before and 4 weeks after. Vaccination against 7 diseases.

Repeat once a year according to schedule and doctor’s appointment.

Attention when vaccinating dogs:

  • Do not inject when the dog is sick, has a fever, and shows unusual symptoms in the body.
  • It is best not to inject yourself without experience and technique. You will face many risks when you inject at home, such as anaphylaxis, dogs with high fever…
  • Contact your vet if your dog has any unusual symptoms after the injection.
  • Do not shower after vaccination.

According to the blog that loves dogs and cats, you must pay attention when vaccinating your dog, the dog must be healthy, not tired and dewormed 10 days before. Combine with rabies vaccine for dogs to be safe and better protect dogs.

Wish the babies healthy.