3 steps to quickly treat a dog stung by a bee at home

3 steps to quickly treat a dog stung by a bee at home

For a dog to be stung by a bee seems very normal, but if it is subjective, the dog can experience extremely dangerous symptoms that lead to death…

Dogs are animals that use their nose to sniff, they always want to explore and explore the world around them. This makes the dog face the situation of insect bites and bites, especially during the change of season. Bees are the biggest enemy that dogs must avoid. When dogs are stung by bees, they can experience a series of manifestations such as swelling of the face, nose, legs, even stings on the neck and the area near the lungs, which makes the dog have difficulty breathing, which leads to danger.

dog stung by a beeThe dog was stung by a bee. internet photos

In addition to the risk of being bitten on hot summer days, your dog also faces symptoms of heat stroke. Dogs often pant, drool, and pass out very quickly if not treated right away. For more information on the symptoms of heat stroke in dogs. You can consult the article: Expression of dogs with thermal shock and how to give first aid promptly at home

Common symptoms when a dog is stung by a bee

  • Like humans, dogs that are stung by bees often present characteristic signs such as redness and swelling in the area of ​​the sting. If stung on the leg, the dog may also limp and feel uncomfortable. They tend to lick or nibble their legs when stung by a bee in this area.
  • When stung in the windpipe, dogs show an allergic reaction, a swelling that causes difficulty breathing. If not treated in time, it can lead to suffocation.
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3 steps to handle when a dog is stung by a bee

  • Know the state of your dog’s sting: When you are stung by a bee, you should remove the stinger with a hard bank card or a piece of hard plastic. You push the bee’s stinger diagonally. Avoid squeezing the stinger with your hand, this will only make the situation worse, the poison will be released faster when squeezing.

Treatment when a dog is stung by a beeTreatment when a dog is stung by a bee. internet photos

  • After squeezing the bee’s stinger, the next thing you should do is use a solution to apply to the sting, depending on the type of bee that stung the dog, choose the type of solution to apply. With wasps you use vinegar to apply, and honey bees you use a baking powder solution to cover the sting.

Explanation: Wasp venom is alkaline, so use vinegar, or a mild acid solution to neutralize it, while bee stings are full of acid, so use alkaline solutions. to neutralize it is not necessarily the baking powder solution. When you don’t know what kind of bee stung your dog, simply apply ice to the sting to reduce swelling and help the dog no longer feel uncomfortable around the sting area.

  • Keep an eye on and examine the dog for more bites, after applying the solution, you see that the dog has signs of difficulty breathing and does not reduce swelling, or if the bite is severe, you should immediately take the dog to the hospital clinic. nearest vet for treatment. Receiving too much bee venom at one time will cause kidney damage to the dog and lead to death.
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Seasonal weather is the time when insects and fungi that cause skin inflammation thrive, so how to prevent and treat dermatitis and hair loss to help dogs stay healthy. Check out our knowledge series article: Dogs with Dermatitis, Hair Loss, Pus and How to Treat.

How to prevent a dog from being stung by a bee?

With the change of seasons, the development and reproduction of insects is inevitable. This means the risk of bees stinging dogs is increased, especially dogs that are often active outdoors. To avoid the situation of your dog being stung by a bee, you should choose the time to take your dog for a walk. Walk in the evening or early morning, the time when the bees are not active, to avoid getting bored. them.

Prevent bees from stinging dogsPrevent bees from stinging dogs. internet photos

Take your dog to a cool place, without many bushes, places with many flowers, places with large beehives or garden areas with many fruit trees…

Do not spray perfume on dogs. Smells, especially that of flowers, will attract bees. Therefore, you should avoid the use of perfumes and perfumes before taking your dog for a walk to avoid the attention of bees.

Hopefully the article in the dog knowledge section will help you understand more about many diseases and how to care for dogs.