3 Physical Characteristics to Help You Recognize Purebred Pugs

3 Physical Characteristics to Help You Recognize Purebred Pugs

The 3 physical characteristics below will help you confidently distinguish between a purebred Pug and a Pug mix. Let’s learn and remember.

The Pug is considered one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. In Vietnam, although it has only been introduced for a short time, the Pug has won the hearts of many dog ​​owners. They are smart, cute, easy to care for, and right on the pocket of the Vietnamese. However, Pugs imported from abroad always command a higher price.

Currently in Vietnam, the price of Pug dogs ranges from 5 to 8 million. Some cases of Pug imported from abroad cost between 12 and 50 million VND depending on the characteristics, origin and purity of the dog. Here are 3 physical characteristics that help you distinguish between a purebred Pug and a hybrid.

Characteristics of purebred Pug dogs

The approximate height and body length give purebred Pugs a solid gait, the small, toned body makes them appear stronger. You can refer to the photo illustrating the body of the purebred Pug dog below.

Body Features of Purebred Pug DogsPhysical characteristics of the purebred Pug breed. internet photos

Purebred pug has chest and shoulders broader than his butt

  • The head of a purebred Pug: When viewed horizontally, the Pug’s head has an arc, a quarter circle, whereas many Pugs with a concave or broken head are not purebreds.

The head of a purebred Pug dogThe head of a purebred Pug. internet photos

As you can see in this image, the purebred Pug has a rounder head and is larger than the non-purebred Pug.

When viewed from a horizontal angle, its head forms a rounded arc, while the right Pug has a broken nose. This is a very easy feature to recognize when you are shopping for a purebred Pug.

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When viewed from the front of the face: In the face when viewed directly, the purebred Pug dog has a larger, rounder head, deep wrinkles, a short muzzle, and a nose that is close to the arch of the face. It seems that the face is rounder with the dog on the right.

Distinguish the face of the purebred Pug dogMake out the face of the purebred Pug dog. internet photos

Most purebred Pugs often have very distinct characteristics from bred Pugs. You can see the fine lines and the beautiful round face. Hybrid pugs tend to have fewer wrinkles and long faces.

  • The back of the purebred Pug is straight, not concave or curved upwards, they are in balance with the body. The back helps the Pug to have a firm and powerful gait.
  • The hind legs are smaller than the front legs, the hind legs are parallel and straight when viewed from behind.
  • The tail curls into a bow at the back. The more curly the tail, the more beautiful it is.

The purebred pug has a black and golden brown coat color. Other than these 2 colors, other colors are not recognized as pure.

They have no spots on their feathers, their snouts, ears, and eyes are black. Its short coat hugs the body and sheds less than other long-haired breeds.

What do Pug dogs eat?

Note: Pug is a lazy breed of dog, so when taking care of it, you should adhere to a reasonable and scientific diet. It must provide enough nutrients, such as protein, fat, and fiber, to help the Pug grow at its best.

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If you are a newbie to raising a Pug, you can refer to the article: “What do Pug dogs eat? How to prepare Pug food at home” to organize the right diet for them.

In addition to nutrition, the Pug should exercise at least 20 minutes a day to minimize obesity, a common disease of this breed.

To own a purebred Pug, you will need to spend at least 5 million VND, depending on the origin and genealogy of the parents. It is impossible to buy a purebred Pug dog for 1 million online as advertised. So, before deciding to buy a dog, you should carefully consider and ask the seller to provide the necessary documents.

Good luck!