#3 famous brands of most used cat food

#3 famous brands of most used cat food

Quality cat food is a very important factor that contributes to the best physical development of your cat. However, choosing cat food is never easy.

Currently, in the Vietnamese market there are countless famous brands of cat food that are directly imported with good quality and affordable prices. Therefore, choosing the right products is really difficult. To make it easier for you to buy food for “roof”, the blog love dogs and cats will suggest some brands that I have used to care for my 2 cats.

These are the 3 product lines that I also consulted a lot on the forums and decided to use. please try it

#3 The most used brand of cat food

royal canin for cats

Perhaps it is not necessary to introduce much about the Royal Canin cat food brand. This line of products is manufactured on modern French lines and is used by many cat and dog owners around the world.

Royal Canin products contain all the nutrients the cat’s body needs. In addition, this brand also makes food based on the age of the pet cat.

Some famous Royal Canin product lines like Royal Canin Mother & Baby cat, Royal Canin Kitten, Royal Canin InDoor are dedicated to the development of each stage.

Royal Canin Kitten for CatsKitten by Royal Canin for cats. internet photos

Advantages of Royal Canin product lines.

– All products are thoroughly researched and tested to be mass produced for use by pet cats.

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– Safe for the digestive system thanks to the nutrients and safety and hygiene in the manufacturing process.

– Helps develop the immune system of kittens and adult cats, in addition, the Royal Canin Mother and Baby cat line of products is also produced specifically for lactating cats to help them have adequate nutrition during lactation.

All these products help control calories effectively. Not too much and not too little. Just enough for your cat to fully develop. Limit diseases such as obesity and diseases related to the digestive system.

The line of products for adult cats also helps limit odors in feces and limit the build-up of tartar for adult cats.

The only drawback of this line of products lies in the price when they are not cheap compared to other lines of cat food on the market.

In addition, cats also love to eat pate. You can make your own at home simply and effectively. Please see the article

Blisk cat food

You can buy this type of cat food at any pet store. This product line is manufactured on a French processing line. Blisk is a line of cat food that ensures complete nutrition to help cats to fully develop from the physical to the intellectual.

Very good news for cat owners recently when the manufacturer Blisk announced that it would change the name of the Blisk product to Minino Yum. According to the detailed announcement, the Blisk brand from June will change to a new name, Minino Yum.

Blisk cat food Blisk cat food changed to Pussycat. internet photos

This is considered a big step for Neovia to assert its brand in the Asian market. Minino promises to be a popular product in Vietnam as they have been shown to have better nutritional value and are manufactured based on the company’s own technology and know-how.

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The product contains many nutrients such as meat, fish, fiber, protein and minerals suitable for each stage of the cat’s development. Like Blisk, this product contains a large amount of Omega 3, 6 and taurine to better support cats’ eyes and coat. Minimizes digestive diseases and improves the body’s resistance.

Let’s wait for this line of quality products to reach consumers.

Cat Eye Kitten & Cat. Dry Food

It is a line of cat products in Korea suitable for every stage of cats. This is a line of products that minimizes hair loss and supports the cat’s digestive system. In addition, the cat’s immune system is also improved thanks to this food.

cat's eye cat foodCat’s eye cat food. internet photos

The cat’s digestive system is healthier thanks to this line of products, the ingredients of the product are safe and processed in modern lines, effectively reducing the odor in feces. In addition, Cat Eye Kitten food also helps the coat to become healthy and minimizes the condition of hairballs in the intestines of domestic cats.

The product contains many nutrients and minerals such as vitamin A, taurine, natural beet fiber and many antioxidants.

This product is suitable for cats of all ages, pregnant and lactating cats.

I hope the Love Dogs and Cats Blog article has helped you to have more food options for your pets. I also want to add that using too much dry food is not necessarily good for cats. You must combine green food and homemade food so that your cat grows healthier.

Good luck.