2 Simple Ways to Distinguish Male and Female Cats with the Naked Eye

2 Simple Ways to Distinguish Male and Female Cats with the Naked Eye

How to distinguish male and female cats with the naked eye? With just a little attention, you can easily recognize the features below.

It can be said that distinguishing male and female cats from cat owners is not difficult. Because when breeding cats, they easily recognize the characteristic features of female cats and males. When they meet a cat on the street, they can immediately easily guess the sex of the cat. Follow this article from Blogyeucheo.com for some tips.

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How to distinguish male and female cats with the naked eye

Method 1: Distinguish the sex of cats based on physical characteristics.

This distinction requires that you directly see the cat at a fairly close distance. In other words, you have to hold and hold them to see them. And the part of the body that you need to see in a cat is the back of the butt.


  • This method requires you to be in close contact with your cat, so you must approach and hold it gently. However, for some difficult guys or girls, it is very difficult to sustain them. A little tip for you is to test your cat’s reflexes by letting him sniff your hand. If you see signs that are too “hard”, you should stop or ask its owner or someone who can get close to it to identify it.
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Distinguishing between male and female catsDistinguish between male and female cats. internet photos

  • Gently lift the tail of the animal. She tries to hug and caress them with the other hand. Pay attention to their genitals to distinguish them. Cats usually automatically raise their tails when someone strokes their back.
  • Examining the genitals is the most accurate way to distinguish between male and female cats. In male cats, their genitalia include the anus, scrotum, and penis, while in female cats, the anus and female genitalia.

2 ways to distinguish the sex of catsfemale cat internet photos

Through this photo, it’s easy to see the difference between male and female cats using this approach. As cat owners say. You will see that the male cat has 3 points and the female only has 2 points.

Method 2: Distinguishing male and female cats by external characteristics

  • Coat Color: Actually, this recognition is only relative, it can’t be accurate with the above recognition method. Female cats usually have a tricolor or tortoiseshell color while male cats have a yellow coat color
  • It is distinguished by the behavior of female cats in heat. It can be seen that the disadvantage of this method is that it can only determine the sex of the cat when the cat is in heat. It’s hard to tell on weekdays.

With male cats, there will be more aggressive behavior and they will meow, often leaving the house to roam in search of a mate. Similarly, female cats will also look for a partner with attractive meows. Wag the tail to expose the genitals and attract male cats. The protruding buttocks, the legs falling close to the ground are the most obvious signs.

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Gender discrimination of cats through behavior.Cat gender discrimination by behavior. Internet

  • Another manifestation that can be seen in cats are the rub marks on the owners, objects and animals with which they come into contact.

Here you can see what is the best way to distinguish the sex of cats. There is no better way than to see the rear genitalia of a cat. Very clear and unmistakable.

The signs of method 2 can be considered as a reference option. It is very difficult to identify male and female cats by the above signs alone.

You can determine the sex of a cat from a young age, but avoid cats that are too young. Holding the kittens will leave a human smell that will cause the mother cat to not recognize the kittens and not care for them. Kittens are at risk of dying when you hold them too young.

In addition, you should also pay attention to the mother cat’s behavior when cuddling the kitten to determine the sex. This can make them feel uncomfortable being disturbed.

Also, to prevent male cats from screaming, finding a mate and having strange behaviors during the breeding season. You need to neuter a female cat or a male cat. This is completely beneficial for the development of the cat, not harmful. Because? Please see the article: Why should cats be sterilized??

Good luck.