10 Delicious Cat Food Recipes You Must Try

As cats are obligate carnivores, their diet should ideally match that of their original prey. These vet-approved homemade cat food recipes contain healthy macronutrient profiles for protein, fat and carbs to provide optimal cat nutrition.

Before switching to any homemade diet, always seek professional advice first.

1. Salmon and Chicken Pate

This classic French recipe is full of flavor and gently rich. While easy to master, the top can discolor quickly so an additional layer of jelly (or, even better, clarified butter) on top may help ensure its appearance remains.

This recipe is specially crafted using only premium quality ingredients to promote cat health. This includes salmon, chicken and bone broth for extra hydration purposes. Furthermore, there is no corn, wheat or soy contained here and no artificial flavors or preservatives added either.

2. Beef and Rice

Comfort food doesn’t get simpler than this easy beef and rice dish! Use hearty cut of meat combined with onion, garlic, oregano and mushrooms for this one pot meal.

Serve this flavorful meal alongside a simple salad and crusty bread for an easy family dinner. Plus, you can prep and refrigerate this meal ahead of time to save yourself some cooking time!

Make sure to use day-old cooked and chilled rice so it doesn’t become soggy, and slice the beef against its grain rather than with it so the fibers break down and are tender instead of chewy.

3. Turkey Giblets

Giblets are the organ meats found inside a turkey, including its neck, gizzards and liver. While their strong-flavored offal meats might seem strange to some diners, these tasty morsels have long been considered culinary standards in the South.

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This recipe utilizes giblets as the foundation for delicious gravy or other dishes, while stirring in some pre-warmed heavy or light cream at the end of cooking can create a richer, creamier gravy for additional richness and creamier texture. Simply strain before serving; this makes an excellent Thanksgiving leftover recipe! –Deborah M. of Atlanta, GA

4. Chicken and Vegetables

Chicken and vegetables make an easy and hearty family dinner that everyone will love! Plus, these one-pan recipes make cleanup a breeze.

Roasted chicken and vegetables get an autumn twist with maple syrup and thyme in this easy recipe, which can even be made ahead of time! Plus, making this tasty meal takes minimal prep!

Mix all of the ingredients together in a large mixing bowl and season according to taste, before pouring them into an air fryer and cooking until chicken reaches 165 degrees F – approximately 10 minutes. This quick and healthy weeknight dinner option provides great convenience!

5. Chicken and Vegetables with Turkey Giblets

When purchasing a whole turkey, a package of unidentified poultry parts called giblets often is found inside its empty cavity. When cooked to release their juices, these giblets make a delicious gravy base.

Nolan uses necks and giblets by covering them in water, boiling them briefly before simmering them for around an hour in order to both cook the meat as well as make giblet broth for gravy or stuffing recipes. In addition, chopped giblets may be added directly into sauces and soups as desired.

6. Chicken and Vegetables with Salmon

Chicken and vegetables is an age-old combination, but this recipe takes it one step further by roasting the veggies on one sheet pan. Easy to prepare, you can use any veggies on hand like zucchini or asparagus. Garlic butter adds extra flavor while lemon gives just a subtle tart edge. Finish it off with fresh dill or parsley for color and extra deliciousness – enjoy!

*Gorton’s Gourmet fillets can be found in the frozen section of many grocery stores, such as Harris Teeters, Giant Eagle and Walmart.

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7. Chicken and Vegetables with Turkey Giblets

Giblets–including its heart, liver, and gizzard–may seem offal to some chefs; however, their inclusion adds texture and rich flavor to roast chicken or stuffing dishes, or be simmered down along with vegetables to produce gravy for your holiday feast!

Nolan suggests one method of using giblets is to remove them from the turkey cavity, cover them in water and simmer them for an hour before making gravy from them, according to Nolan. Or you could flour-dredge and pan-fry them – adding a squeeze of lemon as the final touch!

8. Chicken and Vegetables with Lamb

This spectacular dinner is ideal for entertaining and can be prepared any night of the week. Combining chicken, lamb, rutabagas and harissa into an easy and delectable dish.

Mushrooms pair perfectly with lamb, adding their earthy flavor to balance its rich texture. Finish it off with potatoes for an amazing meal that will satisfy both hunger and craving!

This delicious vegetarian-friendly casserole is an easy way to use up leftover vegetables from your garden or CSA box, including carrots or squash if they happen to be available!

9. Chicken and Vegetables with Turkey Giblets

Giblets, often found nestled inside the large cavity of a chicken or turkey, consist of their liver, heart and gizzard – three components that add immense flavor to gravies, soups and rice dishes alike.

One effective method for cooking giblets is to cover them in water and simmer them for an hour, creating an irresistibly flavorful giblet broth that can be used in gravy, soups or moistening stuffing. Furthermore, giblets and neck pieces can also be minced into your blender and added directly into gravy as an ingredient.

10. Chicken and Vegetables with Lamb

Lamb lovers will surely love this recipe. Combining chicken and vegetables, but with the addition of turkey giblets for an added twist.

This recipe provides essential protein-rich nutrients to cats for overall good health. In addition, this recipe supplies vital vitamins, minerals, and amino acids like taurine for proper nourishment.

Note that homemade diets should only be fed occasionally and never as a replacement for their regular kibble diet. Always consult with a veterinarian in order to meet all of your cat’s dietary needs.